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Bad News for Brawny Men


Hi everyone this is my first post on T-Nation. I ran across this article this morning and thought that I should share it with everyone. Just check out the website below for the article. Read some of the comments below as they are absolutely ridiculous! I say it's just an excuse for skinny guys and fat guy to feel better about themselves. I want to hear what everyone on here thinks.



“While muscular men have more sex than their less-lean brethren, all that testosterone is wreaking havoc on their immune systems â?? reducing white blood cell counts and their odds of beating infections.”

I’ll take the “more sex,” please.


odd…since I started going to the gym I average less than one cold per year. Prior to my start I would miss up to 20 days of school per year.


It seems to be a less than stellar study, kinda vague with details.

“In hunter-gatherer groups … sometimes, very dominant men are even killed.”

While research shows castrated males have longer lifespans and lower infection rates than intact males in a variety of animals, the evolutionary psychologist is not suggesting we go there either.

Too bad we no longer emphasize on hunter-gatherer groups anymore, I’d like to think dominant men are killed due to being dominant?!? Think of dominant bears, they compete for sex and food and sometimes die. I’d rather compete to be the top dog and take a chance at losing than sitting my castrated ass on the sidelines.


Same thing was posted about two weeks ago in the SAMA forum …

Good fail on your first post … Welcome to the site


seem to be treating 2 entirely different things as a singular statistic (making the whole things stupid). They are switching back and forth between naturally occurring testosterone levels to amount of lean body mass without factoring in little variables like, ya know, training.

Most of what they seem to be discussing is naturally occurring testosterone levels correlated to LBM in untrained individuals. If testosterone is the culprit in this case, which I doubt, the amount of LBM you gain from training would have nothing to do with it.

LBM and testosterone are correlated Iâ??m sure, but causation is most definitely going to be the inverse of what they casually assume in this article, and apparently in the study. In other words, test. would cause higher levels of LBM, not the other way around. You would not increase your risk by gaining muscle through training (at least not significantly).

The fact that they would publish something like this with glaring interpretive oversights only reinforces my distrust in medical â??studiesâ??.