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Bad News, Bench Plateau

I’ve been stuck at 280 for about a month and a half. I’m getting my calories (protein,fat,carbs,fruit,veggies, and lots of milk/water) cause I’m trying to take my next step towards being a good legit powerlifter. I bench on Monday’s and did 4x2 and 2 singles of 2 board press for 2 weeks straight then for the next 2 weeks I’m doing floor press with resistance bands. After the 4 total weeks of not actually benching do you think if I max a week after that my numbers will have moved a little? I would appreciate any tips on how to get out of this plateau and power lifting tips in general since I’m still young (16)

Your timing is impeccable. Dave Tate just wrote an article on this very issue on the T-Nation main page. I bet it will get you heading in a better direction.