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Bad Neck Pain


every once in awhile, I'll be lifting and feel sudden neck pain/discomfort, which slowly gets worse and in a couple hours i have trouble looking side to side. and if I rub the back of my neck really hard side to side, I can hear/feel a slight crunching noise, which goes away along with the pain in 3-4 days. It has happened to me during shrugging and lateral delt raises.

I constantly work on keeping good form, but I guess I'm missing something, and I'm really tired of this happening and laying me up for days. any help on a lift to strengthen what is probably a weakness or imbalance in my training would be helpful, even though i realize it will be very tough to diagnose the problem/solution in this manor. thanks much for any suggestions


I never answer injury related questions online. Doing so without being able to assess the individual yourself is simply dumb and dangerous.


I have the same problem for the past three years! Sometimnes the rang of motion in my neck is non existant. I went to the physio and they said I had bulging disks! With treatment and traction it goes away in a few days! I however sometimes get this pain if I have a bad nights sleep, playing rugby or a entirely unrelated movement altogther!

One physio/chripractor used some machine that works like a hand and said he was straightening my spine, as one of my legs is slightly longer than the other, ever since my occurence of the pain is minimal!

If you work at a desk, I suggest using a screen on a computer as opposed to staring down at a lap top all day, this has been the single biggest treatment for me!

I tended to generally hurt the neck doign chins or some row and heavy bench! So for a while I laid off certain exercises and this also seemed to help! I would also get stiffness in it in the morning so if Im training first thing I use a lot of deep heat! Also make sure to warm up thoroughly, I have been using Eric Cressey style warm ups and these have helped!


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I have the same problem, and I'm really quite internally rotated. I'm not sure if that's related, but my pec minor is very very tight, and my internal rotation needs to be addressed. I'm considering getting some soft tissue work done on the pec area, and working on external rotations hard, to see if that helps keep things aligned properly.

Let me know if you find anything that helps you, as I have pretty much exactly the same problem (identical symptoms, causes, etc). It's been suggested that theres an issue with the facet joint in the area before, though I don't really know what one can do about that...


Do you do a good warm up before getting into the real workout?
I played 11 years footbal (I think you call it soccer). And I got really bad injuries (knee, shoulder basically).
Doctors told, as always: You need to do rest...
So I started to workout with weights this parts, but with ligth weights at 20 reps or something. And they are now really well!

I think that you must visit a physio, and as well doing more light weigths in this zone, you will not loose a lot of muscle, but you will be able to do it in a few time. If you continue to force without knowing why it happens, it's no good...


Thanks for all the suggestions guys, the pain has gotten better, but i'm still on a quest to determine where my weakness is that's causing this in the first place. still considering about going to a chiropractor as well