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BAD Muscle Cramps in Public Stories?

It happens to my vastus medialis sometimes after a real hard leg day.

It starts with a kind of spasm (rapid flexing totally out of my control) and then my leg locks up painfully for a few seconds. It’s mostly if I try to stand up after sitting for a while.

I’ve also had it happen to my left bicep a few times too and I’m not entirely sure why. First time it happened I was scared I was having a heart attack though.

[quote]Iron Dwarf wrote:
I’ve never had a calf cramp in my entire life. Not even after my hellish calf sessions this past Summer.

But I can sort of guess what one feels like. I’d train my calves so hard they’d be so swollen that they felt like they were going to burst, and I was unable to walk or breathe momentarily. [/quote]

I came here to post again just to say that calf cramps hurt even worse than a calf sprain.

I’ve sprained both my calves at different times, the most recently 5 weeks ago, and of course it hurt, and I had to see a doctor and then limp up until a week ago and I am pretty sure I’ll never do calf raises again (that’s how I busted it 5 weeks ago) and STILL I’d have to say that a calf cramp makes me writhe and moan and gasp to a much greater degree than the sprain…heck, the sprain, though of course much more damaging, made me hop around saying “Aw shit!” more than anything. Though of course I couldn’t walk right for 4 weeks and stretching it showed me how much pain there was.

I’m surprised calf and hamstring cramps don’t actually cause trauma to the muscle…I mean like equivalent to a sprain.

I found a video that’s perfect. Look at 0:14 when the muscle takes on a whole new look as the cramp ripples across it…you’d think the poor bastard was about to turn into a werewolf. It caused a lot of sympathtic cringing on my behalf.

Had an ab muscle cramp up on me at work while on a traffic stop. The motorist thought I was having a heart attack when I rapidly exited my cruiser and attempted to stretch it out. When I exited my car I was clutching my midsection. I thanked him for his concern and told him he was free to go. The guy was so freaked out by it that he said he was not going to leave and insisted that he call an ambulance. Took me a bit to convince him that it was only a muscle cramp.

I was in the bathroom at work and there are 4 stalls next to eachother for the poopin.

I was really getting after a nice dump and it was after I did 10x10 for squats that very morning. I leaned forward a little and my left leg cramped worse than ever before and then it locked up and shot out.

Without having any control I kicked the door as hard as I could pretty much and it knocked the door wide open, slammed against the next stall and came back. The guy next to me screamed SUPER loud and then we both ended up laughing so long as I was cussing for a really long time. That’s what I get for trying to poo after leg day in the stupid small stalls at work.

[quote]dudsman wrote:
Any ideas as to why the hami’s crap so easily and violently? I dont seem to suffer from this in any other muscle in my body which leads me to think its not dietary. [/quote]

It was explained to me that there are nerves at the junction where the muscle joins to the tendon. These nerves sense tension and stretching. The response to this is to contract. After prolonged tension or stretching, the muscles will contract into a cramp.

Hamstring has 5 heads. Thats a lot of nerves signaling for one of the largest muscle groups in the body to contract.

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[quote]colt44 wrote:
Never In a setting where I should have been embarrassed. But I will admit one of my biggest fears in life is getting a hamstring cramp when locked in on a roller coaster where I wouldnt be able to straighten it and stretch it out until the end!! [/quote]
Happens to me on business flights all the time.[/quote]

Flights you take for business or in business class?[/quote]

Just any flights, unless I am in an aisle seat where I can stretch out my leg.

Mostly knee pain is the worst. [/quote]

Same here. Knees always. Standard coach for me nearly always.

Budget flights are great for the cost saving but not for anything else. I try and keep budget flights to 2-3 hours. I think I’d go mental otherwise.

I get cramps worse the day after training legs (not always).

[quote]Nards wrote:

I’m surprised calf and hamstring cramps don’t actually cause trauma to the muscle…I mean like equivalent to a sprain.[/quote]

They certainly can. The muscle can tear and significantly so.

[quote]MartyMonster wrote:

[quote]Nards wrote:

I’m surprised calf and hamstring cramps don’t actually cause trauma to the muscle…I mean like equivalent to a sprain.[/quote]

They certainly can. The muscle can tear and significantly so.


Aw fuck no don’t tell me that.

[quote]Nards wrote:

[quote]MartyMonster wrote:

[quote]Nards wrote:

I’m surprised calf and hamstring cramps don’t actually cause trauma to the muscle…I mean like equivalent to a sprain.[/quote]

They certainly can. The muscle can tear and significantly so.


Aw fuck no don’t tell me that.[/quote]

I’m pretty sure that after a cramp in my right bicep that it changed shape. It now has a definite divot that the left side doesn’t have. I was pinned in a middle chair on a long haul flight and 11 hours later I was more deformed than when I got onboard.

My sister is a nurse, she swears to me that people with weak bones can actually get breaks.

Sweet dreams.

I wonder what percentage of the muscle fibers are firing when we get a cramp.

I think that when we lift something, only the number of fibers needed to lift it do the work, working at 100%, and the rest of the fibers do nothing and are just along for the ride (that’s why it’s obviously better to lift heavy weights for muscle growth) so I wonder if a cramp is when close to 100% are firing.

Cramp in both hamstrings at once while in the deep end of a swimming pool. Had to half doggy paddel/half drown to get to the side. A little scary even being only 10 meters from the edge. The ocean would have been a whole lot worse…

I remember once as a kid I was lying on my bed reading when the house phone rang (ha! who even has those anymore?). Anyway, I jumped up to get it and as I was halfway off the bed, both hamstrings cramped violently.

I went from a graceful leap to crashing onto the floor like a sack of shit, trying in vain to straighten my legs. The feeling was absolute agony. I eventually got them sorted, and had to half hobble to wait for the caller to ring back, feeling with every step my hammies threatening to cramp again.

I think back to it, and I was super lucky my quads didn’t cramp as I was walking awkwardly. I think I would of had to have cut my legs off

One time at work, in a meeting, i dropped some papers on the ground and went to pick it up. needless to say, a hammy cramped up and people thought i was having a heart attack.

I’m returning back to this thread telling you all about my hamstring cramp after doing some GHR’s.

Happy cramping!

After the first few games of the year during high school football I would get really bad cramps. No matter where they started (quad or hammy), as soon as I got the cramp out the opposing muscle would then lock up even worse.

One time I had just walked up the ramp out of the high school locker room and I just collapsed on the ground as my calves and hammies locked up on both legs at once. Then I got the legs straightened and BOOM, quads lock up. This went back and forth for about 5 min, while my mom stood there watching me writhe around on the ground and curse like a drunken sailor, screaming at her to please just go get the car. She had no idea what was going on.

It was always worse during the first few games because of the heat, and always worse in high school than college because we played both ways.

To this day I get horrible calf cramps every time after training legs no matter how much I drink. I mistakenly took the stairs in the parking garage after one session and found myself stuck about halfway up a flight, unable to move. So I just sat down and rubbed my legs out for a few minutes. Now I just take the elevator.