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Bad Movies, Comics and Movies

Just read some cool newz that may be of interest…
Marvel: Whilst talking with The Chicago Sun-Times, Marvel Comics head Avi Arad confirmed the “Spider-Man” sequel, “The Punisher”, “Namor: The Sub-Mariner” and either “The Fantastic Four” or “Ghost Rider” are all set for release next year. Arad also indicated that not only would he love to cast George Clooney as Fantastic Four’s leader Mr. Fantastic, but “Tom Cruise. I would love to have him for ‘Iron Man.’ If he wanted it, he could definitely be my Tony Stark”. Arad confirmed there’s a “Daredevil” sequel waiting to be green-lighted should the first film prove to be a hit, and talks with Jennifer Garner to spin off her character Elektra into her own film franchise seem to be going well: “It’s in the script phase, but Jennifer says she’s already attached. She hada great experience making ‘Daredevil’ and is looking forward to returning to the role”.
Batman:The Daily Telegraph reports that Guy Pearce “is mooted to play Bruce Wayne in the next Batman film, to be directed by Memento director Chris Nolan”. (Don’t know how much credibility I put on this one. Even though I belief Mr. Pierce to be a fantastic actor, don’t know if I can see him as the Caped Crusador.)
2003 Razzie Awards: The list of nominees is now up at Razzies.Com with the likes of “Swept Away”, “Pluto Nash”, “Star Wars: Episode II”, “Scooby Doo”, “xXx” and “Pinocchio” competing for top stinker honours. (Gotta agree w/Triple X, the script sucked. All that it was good for was the action sequences, but even those weren’t good enough to maintain interest. Diesel kinda looked liked he was sleepwalking in this flick.)
That’s it so far!

What about the original punisher? dolph was in this back in the day, are they doing a sequel(doubtful) or just a whole new movie(most likely)?

What I’ve heard, is that the actor, Thomas Jayne was being picked for the part of Punisher in the new version. Jayne was the “hero” in Deep Blue Sea will be seen soon in Dreamcatcher.

I really like Guy Pierce … kinda reminds me of a stronger version of Val Kilmer which greater depth.

I always loved the punisher … hopefully they’ll use somebody fitting the character … Although I don’t see who would be perfect for that role … maybe the guy who played “Lattimer” in “The program” and “Madman” in any given Sunday. If he got back to his “program” shape he’d be perfect for the role IMHO (way too big in “Any given sunday”). Although I have this strange feeling that they might go with “The Rock” for the role … call me crazy, but it’s just a feeling.

I agree that XXX sucked big time arse! And my girlfriend had me watch it about 3-4 times with her friends so that they could see how I look like him.

For what it’s worth I feel that in that flick Vin hit a personal low as far as physique is concerned. He seemed to have lost much of the mass he had in Pitch Black and Knockaround guys and was not as defined as in The Fast and the Furious.

Plus the script was just sooooooo bad, kinda reminds me of a “teen flick” version of James Bond (which I never liked either).

Ahhhhh… so they are trying to attract the young female audience!

Damm I liked Scoobie Doo…

Did anyone else see that the dumb dude from That 70’s Show was contacted about playing Superman?

For those like CT who rate Guy Pierce, did you see him in Priscilla Queen of the Desert, any one who takes on a role like that has balls (or maybe not in this case).

Those who have seen it will get the inuendo, for those that haven’t rent it and laugh.

Hyphnz :

Dude, I have Priscilla - I LOVE this movie.

You know what’s so funny? When people were talking about Hugo Weaving as Elrond in LoTR and how they felt like he was about to say…“Mr. Anderson…”? Well, all I could do was see him with a big, fluffy pink wig and those sandle earrings…hehehe. Love it.
Guy Pierce was much more muscular in that flick than I’ve ever seen him since…wild.

Patricia, it is hilarious isn’t it and yeah Guy is definitely in good shape in it. Aussie and English humor appeals to me more than US does. If you wantsome good clever comedies or fun films here goes.

Muriels Wedding,
The Full Monty,
Bend it like Beckham (watched last Friday),
The Castle,
About a Boy,
Billy Elliot,
Strictly Ballroom

There will be more - so be warned.

Of the list you have, I haven’t seen Bend it like Beckham or About a Boy yet.
But I will!
AND have you checked out the Strictly Ballroom DVD yet? Beautiful!

Don’t own a DVD player (was that clunk Patricia fainting?) and have no immediate plans to buy one.

Here’s a second for About a Boy… Great, funny movie. Just saw it this last week. Can you guys get UK sit coms over in the US? Coupling is hilarious if you can.

Just remembered another few
Fried Green Tomatoes
Bagdad Cafe
My life as a dog (Swedish and the version I saw had subtitles, which in some way made it even better)

I’m pretty excited hearing about some of these new movies. I’ve was a comic book geek probably before Patricia even(bought Xmen 94 off the newstand). For years comic movies bit, Doc Savage, Captain America, Punisher, Superman, even Batman was a little to campy for me.
With increased budgets and it seems a little more serious treatment of the subject manner, this is a great time to be a comic movie fan. Things have been looking up since the Xmen so much that I felt a little disappointed by DD(give it a b-). I liked it but it could have been a little better.
I’d love to see a Master of Kung Fu movie. Some others would be Timothy Truman’s Scout, a serious Avengers or JLA, the Question, and definitely a solo Wolverine from the early years of the weapon x or before period.

As long as the Punisher was better than the one with Dolph {shudder}.

There was a blip about Batman/Guy Pearce in the Sydney Morning Herald and that Guy had made a statement that he didn’t want to do costumed heroes. We’ll see!

I remember hearing something about Ray Parks (Darth Maul in SW:EP I) being “Iron Fist”, but that was a few months ago and there hasn’t been anything new since.

Irondoc: It’s not neccessarily the larger budgets being given to the recent crop of comic book films. I believe it’s Marvel and studios assigning better, more skilled directors. And directors who grew up on comic books, too. AND after DC/Warner Bros. allowing Joel Schumacher for turning Batman into a utter joke, Marvel decided it was time to get one of “their own” up on the big screen. NOW, while DC continues with their “middle management” battles within their offices, Marvel is just churning out good stuff for our enjoyment. I don’t think Daredevil is a failure. At all. It’s certainly a darker, character driven opus. And I think the film nailed it.
Jaster: Iron Fist was officially put on hiatus in November of 2001.
What Marvel has listed as upcoming is: The Punisher, Ironman (thank god!) and any sequel to any of the comic book films coming out now. Like “The Amazing Spider-Man”. Note: Doctor Octopus has been cast! It’s official: Alfred Molina has signed on. You’ve just seen him in “Frida”. Perfect casting!
Strong possibility of a Wolverine centric film coming out before X-Men3. Also, Jennifer Garner has been approached with the possibility of a “Elektra” film. She’s interested.

How could comic book movies be brought up without someone mentioning the craptacular Fantastic Four and Dr. Strange movies that previously came out?

The Punisher and Captain America were definitely flops in this film genre.

Another film that can make the list was “Fist of the North Star”. Except this movie sucked soo bad, I actually liked it. Know what I mean? :P~