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Bad Luck with Women

I don’t know if you would call it bad luck, but I can’t seem to even be friends with chicks. Every girl that I am friends with I have either slept with or she wants to. I am not trying to sound like some pimp or something, but I think it is wierd.

There is also something I would like to get feedback on. My last girlfriend and I went round and round about breaking up. No one would ever walk away. She didn’t want the commitment, because we are kinda young(early 20’s). I told her that is not what I wanted and that if my needs could not be met their is no reason for us to be together anyway, not even friends. She kept asking why we couldn’t at least be friends, and I told her it would not work out.I told her not to call. Sure enough she was calling everynight. She was trying to act like she was pregnant and all that crap to keep me around. Lets keep in mind that she broke up with me. So she calls one night and was bored. I said that if she wanted to hang out then we could. Ten minutes later she was at my house to pick me up. We had a few beers and went and got some food by my place and instead of dropping me off at home, she takes me to her place. We messed around that night. Then the next night I ran into her at a party and we ended up having marathon sex at her place that night. The next day she is talking about how it was a mistake and all that crap. Then that night I was supposed to be somewhere that she was and I told her that I might see her there.I did not show up and she called me that night. I told her to stop by my place, and she was saying crap about having my chance, but I didn’t go see her. It turns out she kissed some guy because I didn’t show up, and she thought I was with someone else. Then the next two days she kept calling for bullshit reasons. I wouldn’t answer the phone, and she kept calling and calling. I finally talked to her and she was trying to check up on me. Then I got real drunk one night told her to come over and I talked all this shit to her about what she was doing. Then I called her a few more times to smooth things over, but now it is if she hates me. The big problem is that we work together so we have to interact, and I will say hi to her and she will say to not talk to her. What is up with that. Sorry for the long post. Please give feedback.

Sounds like you’re both messed up and neither knows what they want. Move on. Get a life.

" I told her that is not what I wanted and that if my needs could not be met their is no reason for us to be together anyway, not even friends." “Lets keep in mind that she broke up with me.” Any one else see a contradiction here? I agree with GM wholeheartedly.

I see several problems here. Maybe I am too much into black-white situations and
don’t want to play games in the grey area, but that is exactly what you two have
been doing lately. I am either 100 % OK with people, or don’t have anything in
common with them at all. You are both behaving in an immature manner. If you two
broke up, then it’s over. The end. No more. The fact that you work together has nothing
to do with having a power of will. Episodes of drinking, sex, getting together, bullshit
obsessive calling on the phone and things like that happen when the doors are not
shut closed in the face of the other person. Shut them closed and you won’t have
any more problems like this. Get rid of emotinal vampyres - you will not profit
from this situation, but will waste your time and resources on a person that
obviously is not the right one for you - and/or vice versa.

Give her the cold shoulder and she’ll come back. That’s just the way it is. She is definitely not long-term relationship material, at least not at this point in her life. If you can stand it, you can just have sex with her.

You know what they say, “Don’t shit where you sleep”. If shes cool with it, this sounds like a good set up for a booty call.