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Bad Luck OR Body Reacting

Newby here.

Made a couple of posts already similar to this but I’m condensing in to one as outcomes have changed.

Currently feeling disheartened but determined to run a test cycle. Not having much luck.

First time - few months ago used Testonon SIS 400mg. Jabbed 1ml in to my shoulder. Ended up with a lump on fire, red, painful, flu, infected. Had to go hospital and was dosed up off work on antibiotics. Eventually cleared up.

Second time - CURRENTLY NOW. Tried lowering the dosage to Testoviron E Pharmoqo 300mg. Jabbed 1ml into my glute a week today. This is the 7th day and it is still sore. It’s been sore all week. Not unbearable, hasn’t restricted movement hasn’t got worse, no redness, no lump, no heat and feel fine. I’m not worried as I believe it is slightly started to subside. I feel this isn’t PIP and it is my body having a negative reaction again.

I’m going to have to stop again as it’s pointless to jab again if I’m going to keep having 7 days lasting of pain to the point where I can’t even train legs.

I’m not going to let this put me off. Once a couple of months pass and hormones go back to base I want to give it a third go. But where am I going wrong?!
Is it the high blends, oils, certain compounds, shitty brand? Please can someone shed some light. I fully sanitise and clean on injections so it’s not that. I’d be very unlucky if both times were fake. My source uses it himself and gives to other people I know who have had no issues.

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