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Bad Knee Injuries and Training

I have two very bad knees that are going to be scoped this summer. My problem is finding ways to exercise and lift without further injury. I am 23 years old, 5’9’’-225 lbs.

Any advice on a workout plan that can help me get into shape without injuring my knees?

it really depends on what you’re able to do. you might not be able to do much leg work considering your knee injury. try to stick as close to a smart training program as possible considering you injuries.

you might just be able to only do predominantly upper body exercises at this time.

do some swimming for cardio if you want. :-\

You probably need to avoid pressure on the knees with movement. Moving without pressure is fine. Pressure without movement is also fine.

bicycling with a high cadance should be possible. It doesn’t put much pressure on the knees, might even strengthen them.

Also, you could do some hamwork like goodmorning, Romanian deadlifts…

And all upper body stuff of course.