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Bad Insertion Points


First post, just joined as i been lurking for a while on this site.

Probably been a fair few of these but i can't find any. Any it concerns my cheast, i am fairly strong no superman, but i did train for strength for a year but now getting into body building for last 2-3 years, but the problem is my cheast. Inbetween each cheast is about 3-4 fingers worth gap, so it fairly big.

Wondering if there is anything i should be doing in particular, anybody with before after pics of bad cheast, i started lose weight but it ended up looking the same as i am actually fairly fat lol dieting right now tho, altho my brother who is very small has the same thing with low body fat and diets 100%. Are there any pros with this problem?

thanks heeps.


Pics or GTFO.




I didn't have a huge gap in between my pecs, but it did need some filling in. Its nowhere near what i want yet, but I found cable or HS flys to be the best for packing on meat. Go heavy and hold the squeeze in your pecs when the hand are together for a few seconds.


Picture of your chest

Im guessing you just need more size, based on your post


You can't change where your pecs meet at the sternum. Period.

You make the chest you do have big enough so that isn't the main feature that stands out.


breast implants/synthol


You could just drop the bar on your chest alot while benching, eventually all of that crushing will help cave in your sternum and thus give the appearence of a filled out chest. Also the added calcium buildups will help add size so its really a win win. Try this 5x a week with at least 315 on the bar and let me know how it goes.


High chest insertion points can't be fixed with weights.

I just wouldn't worry about it and would keep trying to get as big as possible. So called "bad insertions" can a lot of times not look so bad with a lot of muscle and low bodyfat. No need to get stressed over things we can't change.


Pick your parents better next lifetime


thanks serious post, i do lift heavy, usually dumbells tho, and incline is my main lift for cheast, everything else is good lol

guess ill just have try find some good stuff in aus and get huge..


LOL......yep thats my plan