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Bad Injection

soo, i injected some test and deca today. When i was doing the deca tho, for some reason it hurt more then it ever has before. it was a burning/stingy feeling that lasted for hours after the injection until i took advil and put som eice on it. anything like this ever happen to someone else?

Nope. Never.

ya see i have had and heard of injection pain the day after but not imediatley after the injection ahaha jsut thought it was weird

I’ve had pain before and i would “iron” out the injection site. I would get a little massage ball and after an injection, i would massage the site for about 5 minutes followed by a few minutes of stretching.

ya i tried but hurt too bad ahhaha it felt like a needle kept jabbing mee. is it possible to have knicked a nerve or soemthing?