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Bad Injection Pain

I aquired two vials of gear (one was supposedly susto 400 mg/ml and the other was tren ace 300 mgs/ml) So I took a shot in the right delt with 1cc of each (i know, 300mg of tren at once is a lot) And I had a lot of pain, swelling, and ‘tough feeling’ tissue. I took my next one in my right glute.

Now, the shoulder one hurt so much it was hard to sleep, but I still some what managed to train. When I took the gluteal one, after the first day, it made it fucking impossible to train!

The pain is constant and really fucking uncomfortable. I just took my third shot (which is a half cc of each) and it is not as painful or as swollen. I am really close to just calling the whole thing off.

Did I get bad gear, or am I just being a pussy? Oh yeah, I am 25, about 220 lbs, 5’11, squat 450, dl 500, bench 335… Never used real gear! WTF?!? I am pretty sure this shit is homebrew

I dunno about the tren, but that is some VERY VERY fucking high dosed Sustanon. If it was real, then it should fucking hurt because that is crazy high. The most I have ever heard of is 300mg’s ml (I think)

Hell sustanon 250 normally hurts most people. Which I guess is mostly from the Prop. I dunno much about homebrewing but maybe it has too much BA in it.

Maybe its fake as well I dunno, but the best advice you can ever get in this game is… -------------->Trust your source!!!<--------

Describe the vial and the label and I can probably tell you if its homebrew, or take some pics and post em.

Well stealth has their supertest which is 450mg/ml. Most people have to cut the living fuck out of it with sterile oil so what really is the purpose of super high dosed gear?

That tren dose is pretty high for acetate too. High concentrations of hormones equals high alcohols to disolve the powders which equals big time pain and swelling. I’d rather stick with a low dosed gear and have to use three times the volume then a high dose that makes training unbearable.

There is no label on either one… The test is in a larger vial than the tren, with the test being a clear liquid and the tren a light golden one… Pictures soon, my camera ran out of batteries.

Know thy source bro, it definately sounds like homebrew, but that definately doesn’t mean its a bad thing.

First off let me say I don’t know jack about tren so I really have no idea how you should be running it given your current stack and situation, but the sustanon needs to be injected no less than E3D. Most people prefer EOD, but given the pain maybe you would be better off doing E3D. I would go with .75 ml every third day. That would put you at 600mg’s every six days. If you think that might be too much you could go with 1/2 a cc every 3 days for 400mg’s every six days. That might work for you given its your first cycle. I would rotate between right and left quads and glutes. Given the combination of tests in sust it needs to be injected often, definately not the test I would choose for my first cycle, but oh well, it will work.

Some things to help with the pain:
Try running warm water over a wash cloth then wrapping that around your vial/syringe before injecting to warm up the oil.
Inject slowly and steadily.
You could also try cutting it with some sterile oil.

Hopefully you didnt get bunk gear and good luck. (let me say this isn’t first hand knowledge, I’m only 19 and haven’t juiced yet, but I have a lot of friends that I help out and I’m trying to research and learn as much as I can before I venture into that territory) I have met so many guys at the gym that have juiced to the gills using horrendous stacks and dont even know about PCT, or even proper cycling for that matter.

The pain has nothing to do with whether it is real or not. Could just have a high BA content, or could be low quality.
I would assume both if it is homebrew with no labels. Even homebrew stuff should have labels.
I doubt that the tren you have is acetate … probably tren enthantate.

You should talk to the person you bought the stuff from and find out what you are putting in your body. And avoid steroids in the future. You don’t sound like you are ready for them. I hope you make it through this cycle ok.

Y do you doubt it being acetate? And y do you think it is enenthate?

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I agree with bushy. I have a UG guy that makes top notch gear. But his stuff has labels, lot numbers, and he tests his lots. So I wasn’t taking a shot at homebrewers. From the right source, it can be very good.

Unlabeled gear that you THINK is this or that tells me two things. The brewer is not concerned with the quality of his gear or his reputation … and he is probably lazy (so I guess that is 3 things).

Why do I think it is enthanate and not acetate? Well you said that it is dosed at 300mg/ml. I have never seen tren acetate dosed that high- 100mg/ml tops. I am not a brewer, but from my understanding the acetate ester is not very oil soluble, so to get that much tren acetate into solution would take a lot of BA/BB. Which would make the injection VERY painful.

Conversely, the enthanate ester is very soluble in oil. In fact, testosterone enthanate really doesn’t require BA (if dosed in a normal range 250-300 mg/ml). But it is usually used anyway to sterilize the oil. Again, I could be wrong on the details, but I would assume that your tren is enthanate.

Any decent homebrewed I have seen has always at least at a label with the dose and compound.

You have a guy that does lot numbers as well? Thats awesome lol, he must sell a lot or something.

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