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Bad Injection Maybe Hit Vein


8 weeks into first cycle (test only). My wife usually shoots my gear for me, but last night she was asleep so I was about half asleep at 1:30 AM and I shot myself (1.5 cc of prop)and I really fucked it up. First I thought it was all in (it felt like the plunger stopped) so I pulled it out and i realize oh shit there's like a half a cc left. So I jabbed it back in about a half inch down from the first injection site (upper outside of front of quad). Finished it off and then when I pulled it out I had a moderate amount of blood come out(seemed much darker than normal for some reason, almost brown). Now it's pretty sore and somewhat swollen and a little bruised. Did I hit a vein? I forgot to aspirate. What are the ramnifications of hitting a vein?


Other guys here: Whouldn't it be worse if he hit an artery or arteriole? Would hitting a vein be a problem anyway?

Heroin addicts hit the veins in the arms alot anyway... and they collapse after a lot of shots. Is it the same in the leg?


1st: why didn't you asparate? It's crazy important.

2nd: Why did you put a needle that was already inside you inside yourself again?

Bad form, use a new needle, lots of the needles have screw on needles, just toss the sharp part and screw another one onto the plunger if you REALLY wanted it.

3rd: You probably just nicked some sort of blood vessel. If you'd injected directly into the vessel you would be in a lot worse shape.

Pain is nature's way of telling you that you were an idiot.

Run through the procedures the right way next time man, I'm sure you know better.


Relax, you learned your lesson. If you would have injected into a vein, you may be dead right now, but your not.

Most likely you just broke a small venule in the area of the injection site.


Do you hit that spot a lot? Could have been a cyst built up with blood but I'm no expert.


maybe hit a capillary


I've done it before, asperated and all. In my case I went through the vein asperated and injected, pulled it out and bled like a water foutain. I did it in my tricep and ended up with real bad cellulitis from my shoulder down to my wrist. 3 days of antibiotics and it was all gone.


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This may be a stupid question, but how would injecting into a vein kill you? I mean I know it isn't good and will bleed like a bitch but I've had a couple of friends do it by accident and I never thought it was THAT serious.


if you injected into a vein it's going into the heart, you have air bubbles in there and you're asking to stop your heart.

Tiny air bubbles won't kill you if you're injecting into the body, they're not good, but it's not going to end you.

You send it to the heart and you're in trouble.

Grazing a vein and causing it to bleed is different than injecting into it.


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It's not the air.

The oil can cause a pulmonary embolism which is in your lungs not your heart.



On one of my inj in the upper outer quad, I aspirated pushed it all thru and on the way out more blood then usual came out and it stung like hell. It really had me worried for a few min. But it went away rather quickly, I can only assume that I went thru some sort of blood vessel and that when withdrawing the pin some of the prop come out with the needle into the blood vessel causing the stinging.

On the subject of inj directly into a vein or artery, its not so much the tiny air bubbles, isnt the bigger prob that the reason we inj into muscle is that it is slowly released into the blood stream? A time release of sorts. Whereas directly into a vein or artery it all goes directly to the bloodstream and a surge of test?

Thats why heroin users do inj directly into a vein or artery so that they do get that surge of H.

It makes sense to me. Thats just my 2cc