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This is really bad and makes my blood scream for revenge. How you can look a child in the eyes and then execute them is beyond my understanding. These terrorist groups are pure filth and you kill one and ten takes its place. Fuck.


“One gunman, who had a long beard, approached two children on the beach and Guy said he heard the man speaking Arabic. One of the children then knelt and started praying. He was spared, while the other boy was not”
“The Christian boy was shot and killed right in front of my eyes,” Guy said.


The “other shoe” in the European policing. Yes some/many of the police don’t have guns. They also have groups with guns to handle things that we expect any police officer to handle in the U.S. or Canada. My understanding is many Euro cops are also way freer to administer beatings than their CONUS counterparts.

Terrible news about the Maryland shooting. I am waiting to read if the officers were targeted specifically, or simply by being LEO’s.

I am neither shocked, nor surprised by the beach shooting. These are the acts of people who see the killing of that child as justice.

I am not sold on the kill one, ten crop up math. That would indicate that a cessation of killing them would see an exponential decline in growth. I think it is more the case that we are seeing just how many people align with their fucked up value system. That is depressing, but it means your last, and your ten next J-Peggings are still working in the right direction.

Train Hard. Stay Safe.


Robert A


A little war story here: I was in Munich and decided to visit the Hofbraus House, since, I had never been in a three level beer hall before. I was walking and entered the square across from the hall. Now, unknown to me, Munich had played Berlin that day in soccer. It seems both teams had went to the beer hall to celebrate victory and defeat. As I entered the square, the hall doors opened up and about 15 to 20 guys spilled out, fighting like hell, with a large amount of flying fists and feet. I stood behind a column to watch the show and was wondering where the hell the cops were, when 3 large vans pulled up, and riot police emerged carrying those 3 foot riot batons. They simply waded into the brawl and beat the shit out of anyone who didn’t drop immediately to the ground. These were no love taps, since, I could hear the batons smacking against flesh from across the square. Now, the most amazing thing to me was , after they had beat everyone down, they walked around checking on injuries, didn’t see anyone dying , I guess, loaded back up and left!. no arrests, no medical care, nothing, came in, stomped ass and left. After about 5 or 10 minutes, other members of the teams came out and carried, walked, or dragged their comrades away. Holy shit, as a USA cop, I couldn’t believe the amount of law suits you would have in the states over something like that. Anyway, that was around 12 years ago, so, I don’t know if the laws have changed or their policing methods have changed. But, I for one, will not start any shit in Munich:))


I believe every word of that. Like I said, part of the the “other shoe” for those wishing a Euro style police model. Meanwhile, US cops are pushed to use “ultra light” expandable batons and I think there has been a push to limit Taser use as well.

The funny thing is the cops who basically re-enacted Rome vs Germanic Tribes, organized and better weapons vs not, would likely have freaked the hell out if you told them that US cops and private citizens could all take the same open enrollment firearms classes.

I have heard similar about Italian police.

I make it a habit to never get arrested in a foreign country already, but I will take the “no shit in Munich” thing to heart.


Robert A


This one gets worse.

[quote]From WUSA 9: A Prince George’s County police officer who died during an “unprovoked” shootout outside police headquarters was killed by friendly fire, according to circumstantial evidence…
Officer Colsen was in plain clothes at the time of the shooting.

I cannot believe how badly this must be tearing at that entire department. They lost their comrade, friend, and brother. Now it appears it was blue on blue in the midst of the ambush, no word on if it was a miss or a wrong ID.

Everything idaho has ever written about quality decision making comes to mind here.

Everyone going into harms way.

Train hard. Stay safe.


Robert A


Once again, just like the Michigan officer from last week, this deputy nearly got his head blown off. This is an excellent video for training. Some major points I noticed at this time:

  • officer approached from the passenger side of a parked vehicle, off the road. Two schools of thought on this, but, if I had my choice, I approach from the drivers, since, the perp will have to turn and either shoot over his shoulder (if your approach is correct) or open the door. The passenger side allow the perp to just raise his arm and fire.

  • lot of shots fired by both with no effect, typical street shooting. hitting a target shooting at you in the dark is very hard. Have no idea where the rounds went, but, I guarantee you after the adrenaline dump, someone was canvassing that area of the city for dead civilians.

*Listen to the officer’s breathing, that’s what it is like in real life, even worst in combat, however, he did an excellent job in calming down after the initial shock.

  • After all the shots, did you notice the perp calmly walking back to his truck? no running, no hurry, just another night in rural America. Big clue to his mental state.

  • Notice after he pulled away in his truck, the officer did not purse right away, sounds like he was reloading with fresh mags. Smart man.

  • I don’t know anything about that area of the country or the size of that department, but, it seemed back up didn’t arrive until about the 8:30 mark of the video, Christ, that’s a long time.

  • Maybe its just me ,or I could not hear it, but, there was very little communication with dispatch, I never heard them ask him if he was ok. I also did not hear any supervisor until about the end of the video, when some idiot who has never been sued, came on the air and asked how many rounds he fired. First, that will be used in court by the defense as " he was trying to kill him, not asking him to surrender, he fired 15 rounds! you don’t do that unless you are trying to kill someone!", I know, it happened to me. Fucking idiot. and second, this ain’t the fucking movies, bro, I didn’t have time to count my rounds. Again, a total moron.

  • After the chase started, the deputy really calmed down his breathing and issued excellent commands on the radio, no yelling, no screaming, I especially liked the “watch your crossfire” great verbal commands.

  • Good felony arrest under high stress conditions, there were two agencies there, but, only one officer was issuing the arrest commands to the perp, excellent, I have been in situations where multiple officers were shouting commands and it turned into FUBAR.

  • This shooting is in March , 2016, is it just me, or are those Christmas decorations still on the building and that tree down the street?



Another fallen brother. A respectful salute to your service, both in Corps and the state of Massachusetts. Christ, six kids from ages 4-17.




I tried to watch the video. I think I got everything but the final arrest over a span of 35 minutes. Evidently the flash shockwave application on Police One thinks my laptop doesn’t respect its authority. So I don’t have a great play by play.

  • I can see the point about driver vs passenger. In this case though I think the officer only saw the gun early because he approached from the passenger side. So it could have been fortuitous.

  • I agree there was a lot of shooting. I am uncertain it was by both parties. The article said the recovered weapon was a black powder revolver. If that is accurate than I don’t see a whole lot of volume of fire being attributable to the suspect. He was clearly very wigged out, so he may have had all 6 chambers loaded, but that would be it initially. I was watching for the big ass fireball I usually associate with .45 Colt black powder pistols and didn’t see any flash. Of course he could have been using some really light loads, or it could just be video. I think I saw a puff of smoke at the beginning.

  • The perp walking back to his car was a huge WTF for me. I really want to see what the hell the off camera shootout looked like. Was the officer clocked out of ammo and the perp just waltzed away? Was the perp out as well? If he fired more than 6 shots did the officer let him reload? That isn’t a fast process with a single action revolver. It can be measured by a sundial if it was cap and ball.

  • I don’;t know about the rounds fired question. It could have been multiple reports of a shootout and dispatch trying to pin down how many incidents were going on. You made a good point about how all of those rounds stopped somewhere, so the inappropriate Q & A might be a bit more understandable.

  • The audio led me to believe that both the perp and the officer were doing quite a bit of hugging cover during the 90 seconds. I think they were both trying to play catch up mentally. Even the perpetrator seemed way too casual and ponderous getting out of his truck. Strolling around. Returning. He started a fucking gun fight and was acting like he wasn’t sure about showing up for it. He really may have a legit psych defense.

I keep my ringtone as Jingle Bells performed by Willie Nelson year round. If anyone gives me shit I ask them “Do you hate the Baby Jesus, or do you only hate America?” So I can’t really throw stones about not taking the lights down on time.


Robert A


Another fallen brother. A salute to you service both in Iraq and in South Carolina. Go to Iraq, survive, come home put on another uniform, shot to death by a piece of shit.


I missed the part about the black powder weapon. I will have to go back and review. I don’t have much experience with BP weapons, but, they usually have a very distinct sound. I could only make out that sharp crack of modern loads.

Jingle bells? really? :))


I want to get a PSA going to teach all these cop killer then suicide folks to kill themselves first. I am thinking something with a large stuffed penguin to make it really accessible. Or a panda.


Sound, flash, and lots of smoke. Like being inside a storm cloud. During a lighting storm. Except the cloud is made of titties.

I like cowboy guns and Colonial muzzle loaders. If I knew for sure I was never going to have to defend myself with a firearm I wouldn’t own a single semi auto.

Yup. The preposterous nature of it and my deadpan reply seems to keep people amused even if I forget to turn my phone off at times.


Robert A


I went back and watched the first 3 minutes again. I saw the perp exit the vehicle and I thought, I recognized a revolver in his hand, but, that may be the power of suggestion, since I just read the article again about a BP weapon in his truck.

The tone and timbre of the shots changed after he went out of view and, I heard four shots that sounded different, then about 7 or 8 that sounded the same. I don’t know if the officer’s mike was muffled or it was caused by the vehicle cover. I really would like to know where the perp went after he left the truck. Was he standing in the open? behind cover? laying on the ground? pulling a plug on a power horn with his teeth?

Can you still buy BP weapons through the mail? Always thought if someone got publicly killed with a .44 Colt Dragoon, that privilege would come to a screeching halt.


I thought that some of the changes in pitch might have been due to movement/acoustics. I suspect the fire/move/communicate work both the officer and the lunatic idiot who was driving the shit show had a lot more “Inshallah Approved” tactics than either of us would like to see. In other words a lot of firing, with less aiming, and a lot left to chance. I saw a revolver in the perps hand when he exited. He was so frigging casual about everything that I almost think he was somehow starting a gun fight “for the honor of the colors”(I think that is right. Sometime during the tallships/age of sail it became a practice to fire a single volley from the guns facing away from the enemy prior to surrender. Idea being you were somehow not giving up without a fight, but that the enemy wouldn’t take offense.)

I think you can still ship black powder only weapons, I hope this doesn’t change that.


Robert A


I also have a love of cowboy guns. I don’t own any BP weapons, but, I do have a Colt Single Action Army .45, a Ruger Single action .45 and a Italian 44-40. They are just fun to shoot. I have never been to a Cowboy Action Shoot, always wanted to because that looks like pure enjoyment.


This should be interesting: the police raid ending the 2014 Lindt Cafe hostage taking in Australia - http://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-35868572


The Fort Benning 3-gun Competition. Would love to shoot this, especially the obstacles in the last stage of fire. A change from our usual analysis of police shootings:


This starting creeping in about 2 years ago, when I was assigned down in Kandahar, with the goal of raiding and destroying the Taliban poppy fields ( What a joke that turned out to be) and especially over the last year: This over reliance on technology to pull you through on a op. Now, I don’t turn down anything that gives me an edge, even look like a cyborg most of the time, but, yesterday, I had someone make this statement while I was training with just iron sights, “hey, man, that’s a waste of time to me, this laser will do anything I need it to do, and faster than you” . Really? Dickhead, like batteries don’t go dead, really? Dickhead, did it occur to you that the more sophisticated electronics are, the more problems you have in harsh environments?

It’s one thing to have all the latest electronic help, it’s another to abandon the basics of fundamental shooting, physical fitness, basic striking and grappling skills, awareness of practical knife defense, and, most importantly, the combat mindset and situational awareness, to think critically during a lethal force encounter. As Sento, Irish, Robert A, Mapwrap, or any of the regulars on the Combat Forum will tell you, the basics are what pull you through. Don’t let this be you. Ok, end of rant. Train hard, train the fundamentals, and stay aware.


All gave some, some gave all. Honor them with how you live your life. Earn every day. Thank you to all who gave.



Regarding my switch from “traditional” resistance training to bodyweight/gymnastics strength training:

After injuring myself overhead pressing (with what was a warm up weight for me at the time) I realized that I had severely compromised my mobility, was suffering from fairly chronic shoulder discomfort, and had recurring issues with my hips. I also realized that although my absolute strength gave me certain advantages in combat, it had come at the price of decreased muscular endurance and again mobility.

Something needed to change.

Prior to getting heavily into resistance training I had utilized Coach Christopher Sommer’s progressions/exercises found in his “dragon door” articles and here on T-Nation with decent success and combined with other bodyweight strength training materials on the Internet at the time as well as training and utilizing Shihan Charlie Lysak’s “Primal Strength” workouts I had built up a decent level of relative strength, flexibility, agility, explosiveness, or to put it simply “athleticism.” However, due to the limited materials available to the time I eventually ran into a plateau that I could not seem to get over, so switched my focus to more traditional resistance training methods.

Luckily for me, while perusing the Internet as I let me neck heal (which, luckily for me ended up only being a muscle strain and not disk related, so only required an adjustment and time) I found out that Coach Sommer had finally released his book (which I promptly bought) and launched his website. Since then he has released several courses focused on everything from Gymnastic Strength Training, to Flexibility, to Handstand training, Ring Strength, and even basic tumbling skills.

Since making the switch, I have made significant inroads into fixing my mobility deficits, actually built strength in many areas (some of which I hadn’t even realized I was so weak in), and have begun to feel more “athletic” again, and for lack of a better term, “younger.” Every month I follow the program I am actually feeling more and more like a “kid” again (at least in terms of how my body functions) and I’m only still just scratching the surface of the program (lots of time has been spent “fixing/healing” all the damage that I had done via poor programming.

Hope that answers your questions. If not, feel free to ask.

Stay safe brother.