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Bad Ideas


Well said. Hope you're both doing well. And good to see you're still around Idaho!


Thanks LB, been doing ok, just was in a remote area for a month or so. Following the excellent advise you, Sento, and Irish have been giving to Loft/Fear/ SS's training logs. Good advise and all of you help more people than you realize. Like having on line trainers for free.


Much obliged mate. Stay safe!


Just Damn bad:



Mapwrap and other LEO's: Stay sharp, train hard, and watch your 6.


This video made my day:

Pure awesomeness occurs at the 2:05 minute mark.

Well done, Lt.


Hey Idaho,

I'm still around. I changed assignments at the PD, so I haven't been online as much. My new assignment keeps me much busier.

Glad to see you're still around. I know you hit a lot of remote areas, so it's good to see you are getting back to the rear from time to time. Do you ever come back stateside at all, or do you pretty much stay overseas?

Not sure where Robert's been? As he has said in the past though....stuff. It happens to all of us. I hope he is well and makes a return soon.

Hope everyone else is doing well.....Will207, Batman, Sento, LB, etc...


Good to hear from you and good luck on the new assignment. No, I get back to the states about every 3/4 months for 21 days. I am allowed 70 days out of country a year, so, I break it up in 90 to 120 day spans. I try to bowfish/bass fish in the spring, do a little vacation in the summer, and do some hunting in the fall. My assignment has also changed , doing more counter intelligence work and criminal investigations, trying to trace the badguys by their money sources. We are not raiding as many poppy fields as in the past.The drawdown is in full effect here. Will probably get moved up to Kabul in the summer, since this area is being closed out. Keep in contact and lets hope Robert is doing well. Be safe, every time I read the news,another cop has been shot, hope the Boston cop pulls through.

You still training in catch wrestling?

I bought a Glock 41 Gen 4 on my last trip home, you have any recommendations for sight upgrades? BTW, the one inch difference in barrel length really makes a difference. I just feel naked if I am not carrying a .45.



Not sure if the drawdown you are experiencing is a good thing for you or not....I imagine it's easier from a safety perspective, but probably not as exciting. Either way, I'm glad to hear you're doing well.

Yes, I still train Catch and Erik Paulson's CSW. I went to a Catch seminar in Salt Lake City back in October....had a really good time with that. I'm going to try to get out to Arizona in the next month or two....John Potenza from Snake Pit USA moved out there to expand their brand, which is considerably closer than New Jersey.

I figured you'd like that long-slide Glock. I totally understand the favoritism towards the .45. Old habits die hard, and why fix what isn't broken? As for sights....let me talk to some of the other guys on myt eam and see what they have to say. I don't want to recommend a brand to you just because I've heard the name tossed around.

Stay sharp, my friend. Watch your 6.


Moving this here.

Haha, because of the Romanian take on the desert DPM or the tailoring of the BDU? Or both?

That's quite refreshing, since many Romanians consider their education system to be in a shambles. The boys over there might say the same.

I suppose you've come across the variants with folding stocks. The things are quite old, being based on designs from 1963, 1965 or 1986. You might find the odd AK being chambered in 5.45. Anyway, firing those and the PSLs should be a blast, I hope you'll get to do that. Do tell about the experience if you can.
The Romanian military rarely issues optics to regular units, if ever. You might see a couple of exceptions, but they are often the end result of servicemen investing their own money in buying and assembling any bling to anything issued to them. This is frowned upon in some places due to an obsession with uniformity and it's quite a financial effort especially for enlisted personnel. Anyway, it's not my intention to paint too bleak a picture.
I'm not familiar with the amount of MOUT stuff the regular units do, but I'd imagine that it's somewhat emphasized during the workup to a deployment and not that much otherwise. I could be wrong.

Good to hear. :slightly_smiling:

Romanian SOF is a different story in many aspects and I think they have an excellent reputation in Afghanistan.

Stay safe.


Well, both actually. Several years ago, I was living in a hooch behind the Republican Guard Palace in Baghdad. We had to shower in those communal trailers that usually have about a dozen shower stalls. I was just starting the water when a rocket came in a little too close and shook the mirrors from the walls. Now, instead of hauling ass to a bunker, the only thing I could of, was "Damn, dont let be killed naked, how fucking embarrassing", so, I put on some sweat pants and then ran like hell. Well, thats the way I feel about this camo, "Please dont let me be killed in this crap":))

I have not worked with Romanian SF, cannot advise on them. Stay Safe.




This really bad on a personal level: Between the fall of 2005 and the end of 2006, I spent a lot of time in Kurdistan, training the Kurds and their Iraqi miltary counterparts. I never did bond with the Iraqis for various reasons but the Kurds and I formed a good relationship. I found them eager to fight, solid and brave. They are not brain washed in their dogma and I worked with Muslims, Yazidis, Christians, and a small section of Jews.

Now fast forward to 2014 and all the areas I worked in are now controlled by the butchers of ISIS. After the Iraqi Army, that huge mass of cowards, threw down their weapons and ran away , only to be later captured and slaughtered like the sheep they were, it was left up to the Kurds to fight and die. For those of you who are not familar,( the ones I met) their women are strong willed, tough, and resilient. While the Iraqi Army turned their back on the Kurds and their own people, while Turkey stood on the sidelines and allowed children to die, these women fought. May she have finally found peace.



What you just said has come out of my nephews mouth a dozen times, he went through 4 deployments three training the same troops as you I am sure at some point. He left the Army shortly after they lifted the ETS ban for his MOS. Now he is on his third/fourth year as Houston PD, almost has his head unfucked and living the good life. That situation is FUBAR the kurd's deserve better than to be left high and dry every time its not PC to support them. In a perfect world someone with big balls would walk in throw down and give them real estate to call there own and defend. Reality is that won't happen, they will continue to get the f'n short end of the stick.


Yes, you are correct and I am glad your nephew is doing well. Tell him to train hard and watch his 6.


This is either so bad it is dangerous or its just sad and laughable:


Check out the second quote, I really want the "power of a black belt " without any training. LOL

I really hope you see this.

"And best of all
Anyone can use these NERVE game-changing secrets it doesn't matter how old, big or weak you are. If you defend using the attackers nervous system against them, you dont need size or strength!
It doesn't matter if you've never trained before you see, its simple to learn meaning you can learn this material, and have the kind of power that few black-belts even have almost overnight!"

"Attacking the nervous system is one of the most sure-fire ways of stopping ANYONE who dares come near you. Yet very few martial arts actually teach this nerve stuff. Most dont have a clue it EVEN EXISTS!"

Well, I do have a clue and the best way to attack the "nerves" is a .50cal through the brain, kills those "nerves" every time......Good Grief.....


Scary stuff Idaho. At least they didn't showcase the technique for the Judo Chop. People like this need to cop a beating in front of a large crowd, so that at least then only one person gets hurt.


Oh boy, where do these clowns come from? Btw, tried to check out their demo videos but can't view them on my phone as they require flash. Anyone else check them out?

Great point about reality of damaging the brain being the ultimate assault on the central nervous system. That's the thing about these charlatans, they actually start off mentioning some valid and truthful statements (like attaching the central nervous system is the ultimate key to stopping an attacker), but then turn around and try to make it sound like they have some ultra secret ultra effective method of doing so that nobody else teaches and that can be learned and utilized with little to no training and is 100% gauranteed to stop any attacker. They also suggest that Martial Arts can't prepare people for real fights, are all sports, and really only good at developing fitness, character and focus.

It's snake oil salesmen like these people who tarnish the name of Martial Arts and RMA's in particular and why I understand when people have negative opinions of RMA's (though know that their opinions would change if they were exposed to legit ones). Unfortunately, there is really no end to this practice in sight and the only recourse is to expose these scams for what they are on this and other social media outlets.

Thanks for sharing.


The sad thing about this particular hoax, was I came across the advertisement on very well respected scientific and technological website: ScienceDaily. It reminded me of one of the 36 Chinese Stratagems,"kill with a borrowed knife". Now assumptions are dangerous, but I would assume most who read that website are not in the warrior arts and would be easy marks for this kind of crap. Having been exposed to individuals dedicated to working cyber crime/cyber warfare, forensics, etc.. while brilliant in their own fields, are totally clueless on the realities of physical combat. Having a way to jump ahead with this type of "training" would appeal to them. No disrespect to anyone working this field, just my observations.


Yes, absolutely agree. People are always looking for "shortcuts" or "quick fixes" and scams like this one promise just that. And again, they begin with a logical premise or half truth, which makes them sound even more appealing and makes them harder to spot for the uneducated. If they came out and said some ridiculous thing like "learn to shoot fireballs from your hands" nobody would buy into them (well, maybe kids or mentally ill people would, not not your average adult) because we all know that's impossible.

But start with something like "attacking the nervous system is one of the best ways to stop a would be attacker" is actually a true statement, which gives them credibility in the reader's mind. Then they go on to praise Martial Arts, but suggest that they don't adequately prepare you for real combat (which is sadly true in the case of many McDojo's), which again makes them sound credible (after all they aren't putting Martial Arts down per SE).

By now they have the uneducated person buying into their shtick and intrigued. Then of course comes they final hook as they proclaim to have found the secret that will allow someone to actually win a real combat situation and without even having to put in all the hours, blood, sweat, and tears that Martial Artsist or Fighters put into developing their skills.

This seeming legitimacy (to an uneducated reader) is also likely why a reputable website might allow them to advertise on their site, as most scientists probably aren't trained Combat Athletes or Reality Martial Artists and so can't see through the charade.


Well, this is a mini rant: I just got out of a training meeting and had to listen to this General from one of our NATO allies, (who got me off to the side with his little admin assistant) , and began pontificating about the virtures of incorporating Wing Chun into SF/SWAT training. Now, no disrespect to our Wing Chun brothers, but, even they would recongize those techniques would be a little difficult to use carrying weapons and wearing 60 pounds of armor and ammo. Good grief.