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Bad Idea to Use


I have a few CC left of a gear I used about 10 months ago. No issue back then, but is it a bad idea to use "old" previously opened gear? Can it have become contaminated somewhat?

I thought of many injecting a very small amount like 0.3cc and see it there's any reaction, and go from there, but I'm certainly opened to your comments.



It should be completely fine.


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No crystals, all seems fine from the looks for it. To be safe, I will do a very small injection but not worried too much.

BTW BBB, what do you think of peroxide instead of alcohol as a cleaner/purifier?


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Peroxide IS supposed to "kill things" pretty good. I wonder why alcohol is still the norm in hospitals and medical settings.


My diabetic friend laughed at me when I told him how anal I was in sanitizing everything. Apparently unless the injection site is visibly dirty or sweaty he doesn't even bother. The biggest risk for infection is from using dirty needles.

I would imagine that they don't use peroxide for injection prep because if you managed to inject any it would do more damage to your cells than alcohol would.

As I understand it, most hospitals don't use either anymore because of the risk of cell damage in open wounds. They clean it with saline solution and bandage it up with antibiotic cream.


FWIW, a friend of mine, who's an ER nurse, suggests povidone iodine.


everyplace I ever have gone to get blood drawn uses this.
Unless you state that you are allergic to iodine.

the drying action of alcohol kind of slows things down it is the scrubing that kills the microbes.

I personally dont even bother anymore I time my injections and take them right after I shower which I use anti bacterial soap anyways