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Bad Idea to Use 23g 1 1/4'' Needle for Hcg?


i know u are supposed to use slin needles but i have fuck loads of needles at home and don't wanna buy anymore


you can if you want to... personally i'd just spend the money


23 isn't horrible, but much more noticeable than a 25g. It's the largest needle I use now and you barely even feel it.


I highly doubt you will get an accurate dose of hCG with such a large needle/syringe.

Do you know how much liquid is held/lost in the dead space of the barrel? What about the amount of liquid in the actual needle that is that size?

What is the volume of the hCG injection? If it's less than .5ml you are making a mistake by not using insulin needles


I ended up getting slin pins anyway but for your information, I mixed hcg with 9ml of BAC water so 1ml= 500IU!