Bad HGH Experience (Insulin Resistance)

I got my blood work done and it came back i was a 5.7 on the diabetic scale HB1C.

I was ripped up this past summer on low prop anavar and winstrol.

i decided to get off gear for the fall and just try HGH with ECA stack…

i put on 24 pounds in two months and it is really bad around my hips and lower stomach. It seems im only gaining water RETN and fat around my stomach but im keeping carbs low and cardio in which is keeping me lean everywhere else.

has anyone out there had a bad cycle of HGH ???

How much are you running/day?

My first HGH blast I gained about 18 pounds of water in the first 2 months but by month 3 it starts coming off. I’m at month 4 and getting leaner (for me). You can see my thread here:

You might consider taking metformin for insulin control. I do.

Get glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity under control (both are correlated with one another) before using something like HGH… wow…

It’s WELL known HGH can easily induce a pre-diabetic or even diabetic state, what you’re doing is dangerous, reckless and incredibly irresponsible

Fat - sign of low insulin sensitivity. Especially if there cardio and/or diet.
When it’s high, carbs more grabbed by muscle cells, than fatty and utilise faster.
Well known that HGH - “contrinsular” hormone.
Diabet - high blood in sugar, which of itself causes troubles. And main aim - to lower entrance of sugars in blood(take down glucogenesis in liver, diet) and heighten grabbing of sugar from blood by tissues(insulin sensitivity, physical activity).

Stimulators of insulin sensitivity:
Sulfonylureas - glibenclamide and others
T4/T3(endogenous usually lowers under HGH)
Beta-agonists - clenbuterol and others

But T4/T3 and beta-agonists uppers glucogenesis too and summary blood sugar can rise.
T4/T3 in addition rises digestion

And this good idea to use insulin of itself with HGH. There will be synergy in muscle gain.


So im about to start my first gh “real gh” im interested in doing bulking cycle at same time, been chatting with a mentor about npp and anadrol and have concerns about the water retention, i use no sugar in my coffee, stopped eating so much fruit cuz of the sugars, been trying to eat fairly clean, i have trt dr that im 100% honest with about what i do so what would the group suggest i do to protect myself

Why would you stop eating fruits, they have natural sugars and a plethora of vitamins and enzymes. Fruit juice is one thing but eating the actual fruit is very beneficial.

Im not on GH anymore, but if i was to use it again I would definitely have to use it with metformin or insulin as I got pretty bad resistance on it too.


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Nice to see you back on the board Brother. @Singhbuilder


Just seamed my belly was getting bigger and bigger with the fruits

Fruits should always be eaten on an empty stomach, without any other types of food. I don’t have time now to find any studies, but in general they require different digestive enzymes to digest and usually will ferment in the stomach if eaten with other foods, causing bloat and gas (pineapple might be the only one that aids digestion of other foods, such as those high in protein). @jimmy5656

Thank you my brother, life hit me I guess but hopefully getting back into things. @studhammer


I crave the fk out of them, i use to have bowl of ice cream during movie after dinner, now days i want a big fat orange lol or when im border line about to have a pretzel melt down I’ll get a fruit instead

Most likely because your body needs the enzymes, co-enzymes and vitamins. I would never suggest anyone to cut down on fruit (within reason, but to be honest I cant imagine ever overdosing on fruit and getting fat), just to adjust their timing which would be on an empty stomach.


My fruit usually ranges like a apple at 6:30-7 am then orange around 9:30am lunch at 11ish both on empty stomach, sounds like evening fruit is the one to stay away from and try to find something more fitting for movie snack, possibly vegies