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Bad HGH Experience (Insulin Resistance)

I got my blood work done and it came back i was a 5.7 on the diabetic scale HB1C.

I was ripped up this past summer on low prop anavar and winstrol.

i decided to get off gear for the fall and just try HGH with ECA stack…

i put on 24 pounds in two months and it is really bad around my hips and lower stomach. It seems im only gaining water RETN and fat around my stomach but im keeping carbs low and cardio in which is keeping me lean everywhere else.

has anyone out there had a bad cycle of HGH ???

How much are you running/day?

My first HGH blast I gained about 18 pounds of water in the first 2 months but by month 3 it starts coming off. I’m at month 4 and getting leaner (for me). You can see my thread here:

You might consider taking metformin for insulin control. I do.

Get glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity under control (both are correlated with one another) before using something like HGH… wow…

It’s WELL known HGH can easily induce a pre-diabetic or even diabetic state, what you’re doing is dangerous, reckless and incredibly irresponsible