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Bad Headaches Since Doing 20 Rep Squats

I’m really bummed. I was all excited to start my DC training program and now I can barely train. I did my heavy (for me) set of 8 squats just fine. I rested and then did my 20 rep widowmaker. I had to take a few breaths between each rep around rep 10 or 11. By rep 18 I could feel my head start hurting. After the 20th rep and racking the weights my I had a pounding headache. I was well hydrated and as far as I know I was breathing well.

Since then I’ve head similar headaches when having sex, cleaning a carpet, and trying to do a heavy set of DB shoulder presses.

I’ve read similar stories on this site and other sites and there’s lots of different theories as to what is going on ranging from it’s nothing to better get your affairs in order because you’re dying. I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with this and what has helped.

I’m making a doctor’s appointment today.


This used to happen to me - it’s likely an exertion headache from holding your breath and squeezing really hard.

I don’t know if there’s a fix for it. I just stopped for 20 rep squats

I’ve been struggling with exertion headaches too. I’ve had some head injuries in the past and anytime i strain enough to make my face go red it feels like I’m going to die by head explosion, and the pain lasts well after the workout.

I’ve been paying attention to them and messing around with some different techniques. For me it seems to be a bracing technique issue. Naturally I seem to strain my head while bracing my “core”. I’ve been working on maintaining the same intensity of bracing while keeping my head free from stress. I can do it intermittently during a lift, which is progress, but I haven’t been able to do it consistently.

I find it’s also easy to lose the tightness you have while trying to mess with this so I’d recommend using lighter weight while experimenting.

I[quote=“davidtower, post:1, topic:253099”]
I’ve head similar headaches when having sex,

Humble brag

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I’ve gotten them from gunked up sinuses. A good flush with nasal saline helps.