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Bad Headaches, Help Please


Hello, this is my second topic that I opened in this forum. My first topic ( http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/sports_training_performance_bodybuilding_trt/fixed_ed_issues_but_why ) was regarding ED issues and thought it was a completely different subject that's why I started a new one.

When I started Testosterone Cypionate a little over a year ago I was injecting IM and had no issues with headaches, but after trying subq injection when I was prescribed HCG it was so much easier and pain free that I switched to injecting subq with testosterone.

At first I thought it was my hemoglobin levels that was causing the headaches and got my doctor to order me a phlebotomy, but the headaches came back after a couple of days. I started trying to find out which medication was causing this. The first medication I stopped was the Arimidex, I stopped taking it for 2 weeks had NO headaches. To confirm that it was Arimidex I took .25mg after the two weeks and the headache DID come back.

Could injecting testosterone sub-Q slow down the absorption enough that I am actually overdosing on Arimidex? I read that Arimidex also lowers SHBG and it does show that I'm low on my most recent lab. Could having low SHBG cause headaches? I know some of you will recommend switching to Aromasin, I checked with my doctor and he said that these only come in 25mg tablets and this might be too strong. I don't know where the liquid form of this comes from and I know that you guys can't help me with links so I am currently out of choices.

My Protocol
.25ml E3D of Testosterone Cypionate 200mg (sub-Q)
250 units of HCG EOD (sub-Q)
.25ml Arimidex the day after Testosterone Cypionate

TT = 1014 (range = 300 - 1080 ng/dL)
FT = 310 (range = 47 - 244 pg/mL) - HIGH
Estradiol by TMS = 22.2 (range 10 - 42 pg/mL)
Estrone = 14.1 (range 9 - 36 pg/mL)
Total Estrogens = 36.3 (range 19 - 69 pg/mL)
TSH = 2.610 (range = 0.300 - 3.700 uIU/mL)
fT3 = 3.8 (range = 2.4 - 4.2 pg/mL)
fT4 = 0.94 (range = 0.53 - 1.43 ng/dL)
Sex Hormone Binding = 10 (range = 11 - 80 nmol/L) LOW

Thank you in advance!


TT, FT and E2 look great, but perhaps not for you. You can try less anastrozole and let E2 increase, or try Aromasin. Both would have a story to tell. You can cut up Aromasin tabs.

TSH is way too high. Have you read the thyroid basics sticky and checked your body temperatures?
Are you iodine deficient? = not using iodized salt.

If body temps are low, get rT3 tested.

Other than headaches… how do you feel?


KSman, sorry for the delay in response. Regarding body temp I was checking and morning temps are low but I do hit ideal afternoon temps. I did talk to my doctor to get my rT3 tested but insurance won’t pay for this blood work until May.

After finding out that anastrozole was causing the headaches I completely stopped taking it and this was a really bad decision. I didn’t know about the rebound effect of anastrozole and all effects of high E2 hit me. I saw my doctor yesterday and got prescribed aromasin now I just need to figure out and fine tune how much I need to take.

energy = low
initiative = low
libido = low
alertness = low
mood = grumpy