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Bad Guys

Ah well…

I’ll tell you one thing, of everything I said, I only regret the comment about diesel and 9-11. Not trying to justify my behaviour, only explaining it, but after a while reading diesel posts he became at my eyes the personification of all that’s wrong with the world. His post bragging about the exciment this war was bringing to him, topped off with his disclaimer at the end stating that he didn’t endorse the killing of innocent people (only found it entertaining I guess) just made me completely lose it. It was wrong and I apologize. The rest? I’ll say it all again if necessary.

When a person makes comments about another’s country that are perceived as derogatory, that person can expect a certain amount of unpleasant backlash. Especially when the country that is the target of the perceived derogatory comments is in a state of war.

It’s called patriotism.


I cited what US=GG cited.

He took it out of context for his post. I agree with what you say, calling people baby-killers is bad - but if you look at what he quoted, the quote merely disapproves of killing innocents - is that bad?

See, it’s all about context.

I don’t disagree that arguments and points are taken out of context, used to back up opinions etc - but it goes both ways.

Diesel - D’uh. Irony??? I’m not calling myself bad [and not the Michael Jackson bad you’re thinking of]. Certain people are saying myself and others are bad [morally so].

Iscariot bad? Nah. Say bad? Nah, just confused. Jason R. Barron bad? Now there is a truly evil person.


  1. “I never said the US has got to get every terrorist country - they’d have to attack themselves and Israel and other allies - or none at all, it’s just that I’m a logical person, and the rationale presented per potential action has huge holes”

Sorry, I only have time to include one of iscariot’s quotes.
I included your entire paragraph so I can’t be accused of taking things out of “context.”

Ill take that as a compliment coming from you Restless - a BIG one.

Also, Id like to see more of you grow some real balls. Its one thing to have them, and another to LOOK LIKE you have them. F. ex., Schwarzenegger and Coleman might seem like they have the balls. However put them with an infantry unit in, say...Normandy during WWII decades ago, and they'd be shitting themselves to death, no bullets needed.

 LOOKING LIKE you have balls comes from working out and staying in shape.

 HAVING the balls comes from your mind. Weak willed individuals, by definition, cant have big balls. 
 Those without very strong values are doomed to a meaningless life, for there is nothing they will fight for (that means actually fight for it, not just saying youll fight for it, or supporting those who do the fighting)

  On the other hand, you have young men you pass by on the street and wouldnt give two shits about the guy - and he's the one putting his life on the line (literally, not metaphorically) for the freedoms of those who like to pretend they have balls, and look like they have balls.

   My point is this:

  Looking like you have the balls, doesnt mean you have them in the least. 
  Im sure one or another of you will agree with me.

diesel23 I agree. Talk is cheap.

diesel23 I agree.
Talk is cheap.

Here he is!!! The new “King” of bad guys. Watch out iscariot and restless, this guy “beats” you hands down. Lets begin.

1.While most of the time you confirm
european prejudice of americans being plain stupid, this time you show it takes ignorance
of law, stupid machism and facism too to be really called an american.
2. Your are
the living example of “Stupid white men” - and the reason why after some more terror attacks by the ignorants of white house America will eventually go down.
3. America is the main terrorist country
4. now I am an enemy
5. To point two - my main problem is, that you (and the american politicians) follow the exactly same arguments facist dictators followed.
6. Killing civilians and burning children is self defense? Well Hitler also said that he self defended against Poland …
7. That puts the american soldiers on the same level with the terrorists of 9/11

In my heart, I can’t believe that even restless would suscribe to this drivel.

How much time did you dedicate to a post that won’t change a single persons opinion?


What a great site. Sorry I don’t know how to do hyperlinks in here. Anyone want to tell me how?

I swear that guy looks just like some character actor I’ve seen in a bunch of movies…

I think he was in that movie executive decision (? with the plane?).

Anybody know who I’m talking about?


By my ‘definitions’, Diesel seems to be the only one in autority to speak, because his beliefs get translated by action into REALITY. But that’s my point of view. That’ll probably fire up an equal and opposite answer somewhere. Yin/Yang. Whatever.

What’s the point of having threads if everybody does the equivalent of mental masturbation and/or verbal diarrhea over whatever topic du jour if nobody backs it up by ACTIONS?

I don’t know if all forums are like this one, but it looks like down-scaled political debates.

Call yourself whatever you want. Let others you whatever they want. Bottom line, talk is talk, and TALK IS CHEAP.

Have you joined the marines yet Diesle23?

“By my ‘definitions’, Diesel seems to be the only one in autority to speak, because his beliefs get translated by action into REALITY. But that’s my point of view. That’ll probably fire up an equal and opposite answer somewhere. Yin/Yang. Whatever.”

So, by your definition, even if you are a innocent victim that had your all family slaughtered by a war with doubtfull reasonings behind it, you ain’t got the right to voice an opinion because you are not a active intervenient?

I am also acting according to my beliefs, but unfortunatelly I am not shooting anyone so I might as well just shup up. Is this it? Or did I “missunderestimated” (we can thank Bush for this wonderfull new word) your post?

www.caboverd.info/images/imgsiag9.htm. Here are pictures of a portugese concentration camp in the cape verde islands. I suppose you may be right that there weren’t any camps located on the portugese mainland. However, you would only be right in a technical sense. There were political prisoner camps located on the mainland that engaged in the same sort of activites that occurred in other concentration camps. Therefore, you making the point that there weren’t any concentration camps in portugal proper doesn’t really mean very much in the literal sense.
The fact remains that your country was facist until 1974. It used brutual methods to suppress opponents of the regime. It led the most protracted of the African colonization wars.
You may have noticed that I have only used events occurring during your lifetime. I include these events so that people can understand the culture that you were raised in. It may help others understand your hatred of the United States. It also labels you as a hypocrite when you decry some of the United States’ supposed “civil rights violations.”
I have been wondering if you read the recent posts by adal. If you want to be top man on the bad-person totem pole again, you are going to have to agree with him. Otherwise, I contend that you possess an infinitesimal amount of reason. That makes you less of a bad person than adal. However, you have underwhelmed me before. What do you think?

Restless: As for the victim of the slaughter, unless his actions have a direct effect on the people responsible for the slaugther (example: A) organizes some way of CONCRETELY affecting the offending party, not just a bla-bla march B) influences someone REALLY in power who can REALLY change something or affect the source – he’s got connections), it’s most probable everything else is just wasted energy. Protest against ‘martians’ all you want, if you’re not in power, it won’t get translated to a wide scale change. Sure, you’ll have the lucky bastard who gets media attention BY LUCK and, by REBOUND, fires something up in Congress or locally. Would you bet a/your future on that? I certainly would not. So, in short, if you ain’t placed to really change something for CAUSE X, save your energy and use it for something that will really change REALITY, however small it is. In the end, it’s your life. Spend it like you want. I prefer fighting battles that can be REALLY won. Ideals are fine, but REALITY is the ultimate judge.

Restless: In a nutshell, right without might ain’t worth shit.

United States=Good Guys,

Two things,

1-I was born AFTER the revolution.

2- Even if I had been raised in a fascist regime I would still be entitled to criticise the USA foreign policy. You understand nothing about me, and I, unlike you, don’t and won’t support any actions by my country that would endanger the lifes of innocents.

I wonder if anyone in this forum besides you sees any sense in these arguments of yours. To me they’re so childish that they get annoying.

Being “annoying” is irrelevant to the truths that I have discussed.
Again, what do you think of adal? Come on take a stand. Here’s your chance to be on the “top” of that totem pole.