Bad Gear Put in Hospital

Got some ug gear, bad site pain, it gave me some type of flu, in hospital high white blood cell count, im never buying that brand again, can hardly put weigh on right leg.

Care to mention the brand?

Don’t know if i can , from Israel, heard some shylocks are counterfeiting a once good brand, Heard a few are saleing legit, knockoffs.

Back in the day the producer’s of raw materials were higher end labs, 2000 to 2004 never had problems, no pip , correct dosages i guess I just got lucky back than, and they got repeat business… the early nintey’s were a bitch no forums to oust scammers, big Mexican company’s products were like less than 50% dosed

Is it test or something else? How many mg/ml?

250ml test e, 200 eq every 5 days, 30 winny ed, from 200 cypionate weekly. Made no extra gains . I tryed osteobol mk 2866 sarm and noticed better fullness strength in two weeks . I did bridge my testosterone cypionate for a shot to let the Ester build up, felt like i quit almost cold turkey after two weeks,pip edema for 6 inches diameter around shot area. I never had issues, like that when i did my own tren kits 15 years ago. One cycle i mixed test suspension/anadrol liquid, oil based tren a , eod never had that problem, accept every once in a while i would get light headed and have to eat, super strong though.

Did any of your injectables have ethyl oleate as a solvent? That stuff can give you bad trouble if you are allergic to it?

It did not say it did, two kinds of benzoyl though, bunk gear all the way around i assume, the testing the doctor’s did came up as skin infection. Im out know though.

Got ahold of new supplier some of their products have oleate benzoyl in them. I know they have warning on their long and short mixes. If so many people have bad reaction why put in products, do you have bad reaction, is there remedy if i do or just suck up pain? Does it give you fever?

Benzol alcohol 2% or less is standard for preventing bacterial growth and benzol benzoate is the most common solvent most people don’t usually have any issues with them. Some people like myself are very sensitive to ethyl oleate, it causes massive welts, painful limbs, and injection sites, for 5-7 days
Some people tolerate it well and have no issues with it. A person in that category is lucky because they can used very high concentration solutions of testosterone like 400mg/ml or higher. Less mls and less injections necessary if you use long estered stuff.

I get around the ethyl oleate issue by home brewing. You buy raw powders and mix, then filter the ingrediants to sterilize them, into a vial. Grapeseed oil is what I use for a medium, bought from any grocery store. Benzyl benzoate , vials, filters, syringes, scales and even steroid powders are all easily available online.
Lots of tutorials online regarding recipes for different steroids.
You can also cap your own oral steroids.
You have the added benefit that your gear is very cheap.

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Thanks i will try out soon , that last batch was bunk. The reviews on sky were shady was referred to as snake oil etc. B6 numerous people . I remember a chap sbc , who sold good creatine poweders. Thanks fot reply.