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Bad Fruits and Vegetables?

Ok, don’t get me wrong, i know that generally fuits and vegetables are very important in ones diet and should be eaten alot but what are the fruits and vegetables that you should stay away from when dieting? Which fruits and veggies have the highest GI?

I always read through articles that say to stay away from high startch fruits and vegetables (unless you’ve just worked out) What exactly are the fruits and vegetables they are referring too?

With vegetables i think pretty much everything is safe apart from potatoes and corn (which should be consumed after workout), is this right?

Fruits i am not to sure on, which ones should i stay away from?

bananas,pineapple, watermelon are all high GI. Not bad for you, although their probably best to have around your workout.

corn= not veggie, it’s a grain

Here’s a decent site with a list of foods(including fruit and veggies) with their glycemic index rank:


You can also do searches on specific foods on glycemicindex.com.

the only bad fruits and veggies are the ones you don’t eat!

well, there could actually be some people with food allergies, here is a link, you have to scroll down to the food allergies bit:


other than that i cannot see how fruits and veggies can be bad when a wide variety is consumed, chances are they are not displacing more nutrient dense foods in your diet and you are ensuring that your acid-base balance stays toward the slightly basic side.

thanks for all the help guys, its much appreciated