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Bad Form=Knee Pain?


The other day I went to the gym to do my work out. I got advice on here that it would be better to do cleans before squats. So that's what I did. As soon as I finished with cleans I started to walk to the squat bar. And some guy got on there doing with half *** little work out. I didn't want to just stand around and weight, so I did dead lifts. Then squats.

I felt fine after my workout. I felt really good actually. Later on that night my girlfriend wanted to go see harry potter(lol) So we went to that. I got up to use the bathroom and noticed my knees were very sore. The next day they felt better, still a little sore.

So I'm trying to figure out what happened. I don't do dead lifts often, so maybe I had bad form? Or maybe I did too much in one work out. Or maybe it was because I had to sit in a theater chair for like four hours. Discuss knee pain I guess!


Dead Lifts


That was my work out


Could have been the squats...

  1. your shins must be vertical, that means that your knees are behind your toes during the whole squat
  2. your toes must be pointed in the direction that your knees are going
  3. you must not be "bouncing" into the bottom of the squat, but keeping the weight controlled

Also, did you stretch your quads?


Do you feel any grinding, popping, clicking, etc. sensation when you extend your knee sitting up from a chair, or climbing stairs for example?

That does not seem like too much for one leg workout, as it seems like only your final sets of squats and deads were at or near max effort. If you're feeling like you have enough gas left in the tank, you'd even be alright to add an extra assistance leg exercise such as GHRs or lunges at the end.

How many days are you giving yourself between leg workouts? Recovery varies with each individual, but you have to find the right amount of time you need before training legs again. If you dont have a foam roller, get one, and try to use it all the days in between.

Oh yea, if you can get a video squatting and deadlifting that would be very helpful.

Good luck.


Meh. Aching/soreness for a couple days is nothing. Don't worry too much about it unless it becomes persistent.

Your deadlift looks pretty low compared to your squat, so you may have imbalance issues. It will likely ache and be sore until you get it sorted out. Rehab is no fun :expressionless: