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Bad Forearm/Wrist

Back when I was around 12 years old I was in a hunting accident where I had the pleasure of catching a ricochet Bullet to the wrist. I went through physical therapy and all that jazz but now that I’ve been putting on size and strength I can notice that my left forearm (the one that was injured 13 years ago) is a fraction of the size to my right forearm. I’ve been consciously been grabbing things with my left instead of my right for over a year now and my right still grows more than my left. I’ve gone as far as doing an extra set with my left than my right. Nothing seems to work.
I wanted to see if any of you have a solution or an explanation to why my left forearm won’t grow.
Please ask as many questions you need to figure this out as it will be much appreciated.

its normal… despite the fact that im not really that muscled yet my right arm holds far more shape and size than my left. not sure what can be done to remedy it though.