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Bad Forearm Pain During Curls

When I do barbell curls, either straight bar or EZ bar I get a BAD pain in my forearms near the end of the set, and as soon as I set the weight down it hurts like HELL.

The pain is on the ulnar (pinky) side about halfway down and it lasts a good 20 seconds after I’m done with the set. The heavier the set the worse it is, and the only thing I can seem to do to relieve it a little is hyper-pronate my hands (thumbs down, palms out). I don’t know what the hell’s causing this pain, I know the biceps supinates the hand but I don’t know about the brachiallis (sp?) or any other muscles that could be causing this.

Anyone have a similar experience/problem or know what the cause/causes could be of this? I think if this keeps up I’m gonna have to start doing only hammer curls for biceps, because it even hurts when I just use DB’s with my hands supinated.

I’ve had a similar situation like this, I got the same pains when curling and all that. The only thing that fixed it was increasing my grip strength. I started adding in more sets of supinated and pronated forearm curls with a light dumbbell. Took a couple of weeks but it cleared it right up.

I know grip strength is supposed to increase right along with your pulling strength, but for me and it looks like you as well, might need that extra isolation work. Are you sure you dint pull or injure something though? Might want to rest up a bit then give it a go.

I had this a long time ago and can’t exactly remember what stopped it.

I think I stuck to dumbbells, as I haven’t curled a straight bar in years…maybe I stopped then.

i to have pain in my forearm stop doing barbell upright rows,barbell curls pain will go good luck

I had same problem with the bar for curls felt like fire was running down that side of my arm when i let go, i literally had to peel my fingers off 1 by 1 for my right arm. saw a physio after trying to deal with it and i found my forearms were quite swollen in both arms do you have this swelling on underside?

i never recovered from this injury fully as my job requires me to use my arms alot but i’ve got it under control i stretch daily and dropped my weight down, do you use your arms much during the day for work i think you’ve possibly just overloaded the tendons in the arm, try dropping the weights down to which ever it doesn’t hurt make this your base to gauge if you are progressing or going backwards and work your way up by 10% of the weight each fortnight.

i found grip strengthening made my forearms worse until they settled down right down, if you believe its a grip issue allow for it to settle down, again work slowly with exercises that don’t aggravate it and just carefully look for any subtle pains or fatigue in any exercises you are doing.

I’m no physio or health care specialist but i’ve been dealing with this for up to 3 years and ive been training comfortably but not at my maximum strength to much strain on my arms monday to friday to risk that pain/injury again

Hope this helps mate!