Bad Foot Pain

Not sure why, but I have been getting terrible foot pain the last few weeks. It is bad enough where I have trouble walking during the next day. Paradoxically, I think it might be because I have an office job, but I am not sure. The sneakers I use when lifting are pretty shitty too. Ive never experienced pain in my feet though to this extend. I am honestly not sure what to do other than lay off lifting for a week and see how I feel. The pain occurs between the top joints in the middle of my feet, usually hurting most when I initially stand. Once I start walking though it goes away.

My training consists of medium volume 4 sets of 4 of the big lifts, plus chain dragging twice a week for cardio and bag carrying on the third day when I focus on lower body. I dont want to go to the doctor because I dont want to spend the money.