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Bad Fish Oils?

I recently switched to a new fish oil made by Optimum Nutrition. I used Twinlab brand before and got those nasty fish burps. Well I noticed I wasn’t getting any fish burps so I cut it open. It barely smelled like fish. I even tasted it and barely tasted any fishy taste. I did the same with my member’s mark brand and they smelled and tasted like fish. Do you think the Optimum brand could be bad or underdosed? I am kind of aggrivated because I have been taking these pill for 2 weeks.

If you join consumerlab.com (around $15 dollars a year) you can get all this info and more.

I sure hope not because I just got O. Nutrition fish oil!

cant answer that but since you mentioned members mark wanted to ask a Q. has anyone actually looked at the total content of epa/dha on those things, it’s pathetic. I know they are dirt cheap but lets do a comparison to a good brand such as health from the sun and see what were really saving.

The member’s mark brand has 300 grams of combined EPA/DHA. So it would take 20 pills to get the 6 grams of EPA/DHA. They have other brands that are more concentrated but also more expensive. The other fats in the member’s marks brand is good omega 3 fats. I take them so I don’t have to take as much flax and not get as much omega 6’s with the flax.


I read once that fish oil caps. are pointless. Take an EFA but get fish oils from FISH. Incorporate some salmon and other fatty fishes about twice a week.

Anybody know anything about fish oils. I have 2 more bottles of this stuff.

If your concern is the lack of fish smell, i don’t think you should be worried about it.Someone correct me if i’m wrong, but i get part of my EFA’s from cod liver oil and that stuff is deodorided (Is this the right word? My damn English…) so it doesn’t have any smell.

Dr Mercola even suggests in his site that you bite one of the capsules to see if it tastes\smells rancid, as a quality control test (if it does then it’s no good)

i have read more than once that the caps are as effective as the same oil you get from eating the fish

Members Mark rock. That 300 mg of fish oil is in one capsule, and I get 300 softgels for about ten bucks at Sams Wholesale. Cant beat it!

Damn, boy go buy you some of those wonderful tuna packets by Star Kist, the ones in sunflower oil not water. They also have salmon in those packets if you can stnd something that smells like armpit. Eat your Efas. The tuna is great. You know, food!!!

Tuna doesn’t have the same fish oils as in the fish capsules. I also don’t remember saying that I didn’t like the fish smell. I was concerned to whether the fish oils I was taking were real and not just water or some other shit like that.

So the oils in tuna & salmon aren’t for real. I guess thats why the late Dan Duchaine always recommended getting his efas (I assume that is why you want fish oils) from whole food sources . Not only do you get the good fats but damn good protetin too. I joust think its a waste of time to be spending money on fish oil caplets. If you want to buy a good omega fats product you might want to check out Muscle Links. The amount of product in optimun Nutritions fish oil caps does not amount to shit!!!

I do eat tuna and not the same shit that comes in the packs, real tuna steaks. My parents own a seafood company and I can get whatever seafood I want. I have read many times that tuna does not have the same omega 3’s as say salmon. I don’t like salmon so that is why I am taking fish oils.

What about sardines? That’s what i’m eating now instead of salmon, i posted a thread recently about this.

I also remeber reading somewere that tuna does have Omega3 but that most of them get lost with the oil that comes in the can. But if you are eating fresh tuna you’re probably getting some EFA’s from it.

I cant stand when someone posts a good question, and you get a bunch of fucking know it alls spouting off how much smarter and more knowledgeable they are about the area in question. If someone wanted to know how much better real food was then supplementation, IM sure they would have asked. IM glad some assholes will always fuck forum posts up with smartass comments. If you want to recommend something, that’s cool, just do it in a different way than with complete sarcasm. We’re all on the same teem here, so no need for the disrespect. FYI, I have competed in three bodybuilding shows, and consider myself somewhat up to date on the latest news, and I don’t always have time to eat all my efa’s in whole food form, and fish caps work fine for me. If you cant see spending money on them, then dont, and keep it to yourself. IM sorry to bitch, but I just cant stand cheap sarcasm. Peace out!

There is a new “Deodorized” fish oil that is being put in everything from healthy items to icecream!? I’ll bet that the Optimum caps have this. It makes sense because most customers won’t buy the product again if it causes them to burp up fish stench.