Bad Etiquette or Niceness?

A friend of mine is going into surgery next week and will have to avoid heavy lifting for six months or so. I emailed her yesterday and offered to dedicate all my deadlifts to her till she’s recovered.

Then I realized I have no idea whether that’s considered appropriate. So did I write something dumb or something nice?

Sounds like a nice gesture, since it shows you’re thinking about her.

It was a nice gesture, it will make her think about getting strong and being above the rest of the 99% of weaklings out there that choose not to challenge their bodies one bit past high school sports. Maybe she’ll pick up some iron when she’s done healing.

Ahh, assuming she will be able to lift again eventually, sounds like a nice gesture. I think she would appreciate it more if you offer to help her with yard work or something instead.

I guess it would depend on whether or not you suck at deadlifts.

Thanks, y’all. Just to clarify: she does lift and do sports. Too bad she lives too far away to help her with yardwork, woodchopping etc.