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Bad Endo and a Good Doc All in the Same Day, Charleston SC

The long story short, I’m 36, low T (248) low LH/FSH and an injured left testicle from
mma…it is half the size it used to be. I recently put on 30 pounds out of nowhere and feel like death, with no libido and iffy erections, this has been for about 6 months.

After reading much on here, I consulted with my general practitioner, who referred me to an Endo. 3 months of waiting to see him, and I see him this morning, full labs in hand. This guy gives me cold chills:

“I need you on 1200-1500 calories a day, and 6 weeks free of any protein shakes before I can draw blood, your obesity is most of your cause, and the androgynous test in your protein powder is causing your body to not produce T…also, you are way to young for TRT and I can not help with your testicle.”

Sorry Doc, I don’t think Metabolic Drive has a T booster in it…and I weigh 250 pounds, run 2 days a week, Kettlebell 2 days a week, and do Jui Jitsu 2 days a week…plus I walk 2-4 miles a night at work wearing 25 pounds of gear. I’m not eating 1500 calories a day and throwing out my protein

So, I call Low Country Male in Mt. Pleasant SC, just to get a feel for another opinion. My insurance wont cover this place, but it isn’t that bad. This guy says:

“well, I need to get you in and run a full panel, check out the testicle, and we can talk about diet…you need to eat enough to not wreck your metabolism. If we start TRT it will be injections 2x week, anastrozole, and possibly HCG…we have to make sure your E is in check. If you have time, read the forums on T-Nation before you come in, there is some great info on there. I want to make sure we address the issues though.”

Guess which one I’m going to see? Is anybody here from the area who has used Low Country Male?

That is awsome…

I’m from charleston and I’m gonna have to check that place out where did you go for endocrinology?

Word is getting around!

Endo’s are the worst.

Please contribute here!

I went to Sweetgrass Endo, I stumbled onto Low Country Male through friends and reading forums. They actually read my post yesterday and thanked me for it when I went in today…which totally shocked me. They were professional while still being very personable, and want to help with my goals, not just throwing a medication at me. Tell them Tim Wilson sent you, they are really happy about referrals. Full labs done today, consultation next week once the results come back.

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I just emailed them asking if we might work together some how. Maybe you can let them know so I am not lost in the spam bucket.

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I have an appointment with sweetgrass endo, but it’s thyroid related…is that some low country male would work with? I’ve always been hesitant to go to yet “another” endo and end up in the same position…seriously thanks for posting this man

I will for sure. I bet they will read this in the morning, but I will let them know as well.

Good looks on the information. I just read up about them and sent them an email. I’ll probably discuss to them what I’m going through and see where we can go from there. I can’t really put a price cap on feeling myself again cause it’s been some hellish experience. I’ll keep my appointment with Sweetgrass and get both views. I’m assuming you’re being treated on a monthly or quarterly basis, by LCM now? Glad to hear you found this facility too cause I’m still new to the area lol small world

I’m going to start the quarterly treatment program after my consultation next week. They have to see what my labs say. My T was 248 in April, but that was my last labs and i’ve made a lot of changes since then. LCM actually got me a lab appointment the day after my call, and follow up in a week, versus waiting forever on the Endo.

Fangx: Please create a topic/thread for your case and post labs and some history.

Many thyroid issues are caused by iodine deficiency, caused by not using iodized salt. Unfortunately, I have never seen a report that any doctor has asked about iodine intake. Thyroid lab ranges are mostly useless, and ‘normal’ means very little other than that most doctors then do nothing.

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Still a n00b to using the website/forums, but I’m a hardcore reader and follower of a lot of posters. That’s my new thread/topic I’ve started.