Bad Eating and No Motivation


There are just some days when you wake up late and you don’t get a good breakfast, then you don’t get a good lunch, and by then you feel like you’ve wasted a good day to eat well and workout. When this happens i have no motivation to workout bc i feel like i won’t make any progress since i haven’t eaten well.

What to do?

Can i still make it up after the workout or should i just go for it tommorow?

What do you guys do when you have a bad eating day?

I guess it happens to everyone. It’s best to realize what happened or is happening and go on damage control. For example, if you miss breakfast forget about it. There’s nohting you can do about it, just make a conscious effort to get through the rest of the day spot on. Sometimes sh_t happens, just roll with the punches.

Don’t let a bad day of eating keep you from training. Go train and then eat correctly for the remainder of the day. Don’t blow the whole day off. That’s foolish and only leaves you feeling guilty.

You don’t have to worry about half a day out the crapper or even a whole day.

If you don’t eat well, and don’t get in a great workout, you do at least give your muscles “the signal” that they are not to go anywhere.

Anyhow, even if you manage to come out without a great workout, you’ll probably feel a hell of a lot better once you’ve gotten in some physical effort.

If you suffer a lack of motivation a lot, make sure you are eating enough and getting enough rest.

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I feel ya bro. Just had one of those days myself. With the holidays approaching, I’d say I’m doing damn well. One day ain’t gonna screw ya up.

Just do the best you can man.Take some Spike and try to get a good breakfast in-it will make a whole world of difference.