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Bad Deadlift Compared to Zercher

I was wondering how my deadlift can be so bad when my Zercher is relatively high? Any ideas. Zercher Squat 180kg deadlift around 200kg.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Assuming a conventional deadlift, increased abdominal circumference aids the squat and detracts from the deadlift.


Thanks I could see that. But I was even fatter when I did 240kg. I think my Zercher would have been similar to now. It is a conventional deadlift.

Maybe because you’ve been training zerchers more than deadifts

I train deadlifts often, I have not trained zerchers in years.

Then what @T3hPwnisher said

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Time to lose weight . I do my next squat session tomorrow morning.

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Getting frustrated with my deadlift. But I remember spending ages practising technique before. I have always been weak off the floor.

200 kg. Anything isn’t actually bad. It’s not going to dominate any power lifting comps, but it’s not bad.

You know, I have heard this a ton, but never found it to be the case for me. Every time I pack on weight, it gets harder for me to sink Into the whole at the bottom of my squats, and forces me to move my stance out wider than my hips like. Yeah, big gut helps me get a bit more out of my belt, but my squats always felt more on point at the lighter body weights. My two cents anyway

You may be squatting on top of your legs vs between them

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I don’t understand what you mean .Sorry.

That makes sense, as I was talking to @atlas13

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You might also just be a stronger squatter than deadlifter.

My squat has always (until very recently) always been heavier than my deadlift and it’s largely in part to my natural leverages and strengths

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I cannot figure out why my front squat is so weak compared to my Zercher squat.
Obviously zerchers should be easier due to the bar being closer to the centre of gravity. But I do have a fairly large descrepancy.

I can go sans belt with Zercher but I feel I need for the belt on front squats .

Good form Zercher squat about 160kg
And front squat around 130kg both for max singles.

I can do 180kg with ugly form to depth on a Zercher Squat

I am think it is weak legs and perhaps core strength is specific to the movement. Also the Zercher tends to have a wider stance for the base

Any input is greatly appreciated