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Bad Comedy Movies


This is not intended as a parody!

What movies do you think failed at comedy?

I watched all of Meet The Spartans and Epic Movie because they were like car accidents. They actually sucked humor out of me for days afterward.


Janky Promotors


Every Tyler Perry film/TV show


All of Friedberg and Seltzer's movies are woefully unfunny. I watched Meet The Spartans up until the well scene and had to tap out. There was no way it was going to get better.

Somebody has to buy tickets to these and enjoys them too because they keep churning them out.

Also, The Stupids stank:


Les Miserable really fell flat.


I've never seen that but even though the trailer didn't make me laugh, there's something I like about Tom Arnold's clothes in that movie, especially the boater hat. For its comedic value I mean.




Yeah! You figure it would be a good comedy that would make you feel Les Miserables and More Happys.


Strange Wilderness
Drillbit Taylor
The Rocker

Awful Unfunny.


You'd have to watch the whole thing to appreciate how much of a test of endurance it is. Most of the comedy relies on Buster Keaton-style slapstick, which sounds reasonable enough, but the Stupids stumble around and foil an illegal weapons deal "by accident" when looking for the person who stole their trash (it was the garbage man!).

There are only so many fortuitous pratfalls before it becomes annoying. You'd have to watch it to comprehend how truly bad it, but once you've seen it, you'll wish you hadn't.


Oh, I believe you and trust you, it's just that having him in a boater and a baby blue suit seems like a good idea.

I also only like Mr. Bean only a little because of some of the same problems you mentioned....having a misunderstanding drawn out too long is harmful to inducing laughter. Like if Mr bean has a Post-It note stuck to his elbow and he tries to get it off but it sticks to his finger then the other finger then he steps on it and it's stuck to his shoe, then his finger again then ah whatever, you get the point. I hate that kind of shit.


Funny People

Not funny at all.


Blades of Glory
Date Night
Couples' Retreat
Walk Hard


Grown ups was awful

I loved Walk Hard!


I think the clothes are meant to highlight how anachronistic the Stupid family are. The world of the movie is real, except for the Stupids themselves (their dog is stop-motion). The annoying part is their behaviour. I mean, they are supposed to be stupid, but they are annoying in that stupidity, not amusing, if you see what I mean...

I think they were intended as a kind of family of Clouseaus. It's like a Mr. Bean movie with four Mr. Beans. It's just too much. 16 years on and it's still annoying.

Maybe it doesn't help that I know someone like that in real life. His mother drops us off at the station. Train is on the platform ready to leave, he wants to run back to the car to get his sunglasses.

Another time, he managed to elbow a girl in the face while chatting her up. His default method of attracting the opposite sex is "WOOOOOOOO!" (I think that's what he thinks 'wooing' means). He also considers himself a hit with the ladies when all he does is pester them into submission.


This one will get me killed: I don't like Spaceballs

I don't like Mel Brooks much at all. I must say I haven't seen Blazing Saddles since I was 9 or 10 and don't remember anything of it.

I did like that part where Moses had 15 Commandments but dropped one of the three tablets in History of the World: Part One.



I cannot get into any Monty Python movies at all




I must say I haven't seen it since it was in the theater. That was 1987.

Now get off my lawn!