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Bad College Roommate

You my friend have the patience of Saint. But enough is enough… What your asking for is more then fair… Its a little late but show him how important this is to you. A nights rest is a mimimun id push things even further and talk about his rotting food problem.

Best of luck worse case scenario blow a casket that might set him straight…

[quote]threewhitelights wrote:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z17-JYf3N08 [/quote]

x2 (great find dude)

it’s a month dude, just put that fuck in his place. you share a space…both sides should respect the other.

but if he’s not willing to…you have a month of pranks to play on him.

things i can think off off the top of my head:

take 1 cable from his gaming system that is integral to it working (not the power b/c that’s too obvious, i suggest video/audio)

get a girl to buy a play-girl and put the pictures in the pockets of his pants folded up.

put some shaving cream in your hand and slap him. it makes a mess and could spout a fun war.

put his ‘roting’ food all on his desk/bed to remind him to take care of it.

start having parties in your dorm room when he’s asleep/gaming.


[quote]stockzy wrote:
What he’s doing is disrespectful and you taking it for 11 months has shown him it’s ok to disrespect you as a person. He probably has no idea that he’s doing it so will continue to do it.


x2. Since you’ve let it go this long he probably won’t change anyways. Stick it out for one more month. Make sure your next roommate knows what bothers you right when it happens otherwise history will repeat itself. Look on the bright side, you have somethin to look forward to at the end of the semester.

I was going to make the same post, though mine was from years ago.

He never left the room except for the cafeteria or class. I only saw him take a shower once the whole semester, let alone wash clothes.
He stunk, and it was like he was too lazy to talk to he mumbled a lot.

My GF didn’t like coming over to the room, so we went to her room.

Some people are just weird.

A). Leave this thread up on your computer and let him find it.
B). Sleep in your GF’s room. This is the perfect excuse to stay there.
C). Hulk out on him once.

The perfect situation would be if your GF’s roommate was a fat troll that you could put together with your roommate to make a giant fat troll gamer dork sandwich. Or, does your GF have any friends that fit the bill?

I had a similar roomate in college. I have no idea how I was not rooming with another football player.

Anyways, fuck it! He keeps you up to do stupid shit and it is affecting your performace in something that is way more important than Contra or whatever. I would get up in the morning do what I had to do not giving a shit if he wakes up or not. Then I would do anything that I needed to do during the day in the room as loud as they needed to be done.

This is firing up my memory and I think I did all the above. My roomate was the kind of guy that would wear fishnet on his legs, eye liner, and loved Marilyn Manson and Sarah Whatshername (sings slow soft songs).

Anyways, I would do my shit during the day and he would be curled up in his sheets on the bed. I would even come back from class and turn on music and leave the door open to the hallway.

So deal with it however you have to. Don’t let this guy be the reason you transfer!

[quote]threewhitelights wrote:

I’ve seen that video hundreds of times and it never gets old.

[quote]timtimmah19 wrote:
Itchy wrote:
stockzy wrote:
What he’s doing is disrespectful and you taking it for 11 months has shown him it’s ok to disrespect you as a person. He probably has no idea that he’s doing it so will continue to do it.

Who cares if he has no friends? That’s not your problem. Your not there to wipe his fuckin arse.

It’s a bit late now but in future man up and tell people, in a mature respectful way, to show you some respect or there will be consequences. Always follow through with the consequences or they will know your full of shit and keep doing it.

Flat mates are just like raising dogs, children or girlfriends. You need to set the ground rules from day one or they’ll run all over you because YOU showed them through your actions that they can.

Now that i think of it put the cunt on a choke chain and yank it anytime he pisses you off!

God gave you a mouth so you could speak up.

I’ve talked to him before and asked several times politely, he’s said he’d stop or at least stop using the headset and then will go back to it the next day…I’m thinking I just need to basically lose it on him once to really get my point across. Retaliating by keeping him up is too passive aggressive for my taste, I’d rather go with a head to head confrontation about it like the last two guys said…if he hates me after it so what i guess, we have a month left and we’re not exactly friends to begin with haha…

I was the “bad” roommate in college for one semester. While I found myself staying in the room and barely ever leaving, I cant say I did any of the other things. My roommate transferred over to someone else’s room and never told me he had any problems with our arrangement before leaving. I hope you really have told him and have not been quietly taking it. If my roommate had told me, I would have tried to accomodate him.
You probably should have left 10 months ago, but what do you have to lose by being forceful now?. Some people just need to be put in their place.

[quote]B rocK wrote:
get a girl to buy a play-girl and put the pictures in the pockets of his pants folded up.


A real man buys his own Play-Girl.

Tell him to keep it down after a certain time. If that doesn’t work:

Your a football player. Ask for a room change. My guess is that your coach could pull a few strings and get you into a different room. Most colleges want their athelets to be well rested.

If its a pc get metal shavings when he is sleeping blow them into the computer case. Same for laptop. Next time he turns it one it will fry. I am guessing you can only afford so many before you go broke!

Thanks guys, I’m definately going to hash it out once and for all basically ultimatum style of you respect my time to sleep and I’ll respect yours. If you don’t respect mine then I’m doing what I want when I want. Period.

If he continues his shit I’m just randomly one night while he’s keeping me up have a harsher tone with the whole thing aka go ape shit so he gets what a big deal this is. I’m not looking to hurt the kid or physically scare him, just get him to see my way by being a little more forceful verbally. All that failing, I’m liking B rock’s ideas, I have a couple more of my own that I’d personally like to try out…

And sadly flightspeed, my girlfriend doesn’t know any fat trolls…I say sadlly because the giant fat troll gamer dork sandwich sounds fantastic…

Thanks a million all

PS-threewhitelights epic win on the video…sadly it’s carpet in the dorm though, which admittedly opens up a whole other realm of possibilities haha

You just need to sit him down and tell him straight up. Don’t be an ass about it though, cuz his first inclination will be to ignore you. And if you try to intimidate him… Well, I know I’m the same way ('cept my roommate’s never really complained since I’m usually in bed before him), and I can tell you if someone threatened to beat me up over something I’d just do the same thing as always with a knife in my pocket.

Best thing you can do is talk to him like you respect him. Try and see if he’s got issues with things you do; I’d bet you he’s pissed off about you bringing people to the room all the time. Once everyone’s got all their shit on the table, then you can sort it out without walking away with ill feelings.

I think you should just suck it up and deal with it for one more month. It’s only until May 15th. 29 days. After that, you’ll never have to see the guy again.

Once you’re through, you’ll look back and realize that these annoyances are small potatoes.

As Delta Force operator Carl Eastman said in Beirut: “We’re here for seventy-five days at a time and, as the saying goes, I could stand on my head in a bucket of shit for that long – as long as I don’t have to drink it.”

Yeah like someone said. You should make it a point of yours by doing the same to him. When his ass is sleeping put on your favorite metal band. Crank that shit up. Make him lose some sleep.

When he says shit to you be like “So it’s k for you to make me lose sleep? Yet it’s fuckin’ wrong when I do it?”

I know you’re only going to have him for another month. Yet you could grow some bigger balls by confronting this one in all seriousness. Alpha up.

If anything to, you might help out the next person he rooms up with. He’ll be thinking twice about others when he remembers you.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned this yet, but OP’s roommate clearly has some issues.

First I agree that the best 1st is to sit down and have a man to man talk with one another. 2nd step is apeshit if that doesn’t work.

However, like I said this guy has some issues. He’s in college and keeps talking to his “friends” back home along the other coast??? Come on, college is the place where you LEARN to make new friends, get a gf, etc. And this sounds like just the beginning…he sleeps all day??? Could be a sign of serious depression. I’m sure there are lots of other things as well.

Personally, I would have a 2nd heart to heart chat and encourage him to at least make an appointment with a counselor. Every school I’ve come across has a counselling department usually staffed with men/women studying for their PhDs in psychology and it’s all free to students. This guy really has some problems with something - whether it’s growing up, adapting to new situations, coping with something unknown, who knows - and he definately seems to need some sort of professional help.

So if you’re a nice guy and actually want to do something meaningful to help this poor dude, suggest the counselor route. Or speak directly with the counselors (only a phone call away) and see if one of them could do a dorm-visit (some do) if he won’t get off his fat-ass and go.

My 2 cents.

just stay with your girlfriend and piss of her roomate…

jk if it was me i would just level with him about needing to be up early for working out, if it doesnt get better then flip out in the middle of the night, the next day just tell him you get angry when over tired and that you both need to work on avoiding that

My freshman year of college I had a similar situation… I ended up flipping out one night when I was half asleep and threatened to “stab in the heart with a pair of scissors” if he didn’t show some respect.

My other roomate (it was a triple) the next morning was cracking up. He said it was one of funniest and scariest things he had ever experienced. Anyway… the roomate I threatened moved out a week or so later and made a new group of friends.

Maybe threatening him with scissors isn’t the best option… but its something to think about.

Op, why dont you just sleep in ur gf’s room? i never slept in my dorm when i was in college (had two fricken roommates)