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Bad Case of Diarrhea


Might not be work safe, but there is actually no poop. Most of you will recognize these girls.
Any Japanese people here know WHAT show this is?


I'm not Japanese, but I do understand humor.



Oh, great.....

Now, the only thing in my head is:

"I hov a bod-case of di-a-reah, I hov a bod-case of di-a-reah, I hov a bod-case of di-a-reah"


Fuck you.

I will never get that song out my head now.


The show its called zuiikin' english, its a program where they teach you to learn english with funny videos and dance moves. I think its out of the air now. They say that with mucscular repetition applied to language lessons it was easier to learn.


BTW zuiikin means muscle :slightly_smiling:


thankfully i read the posts first and will skip watching this clip. and probably hit the shitter anyways.


No one ever has a good case of diarrhea.


Here's another one


Make sure you sing it out loud.


...while he's got his fingers, dental instruments, and syringes of lidocaine in a patient's mouth. That'd be pretty funny.