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Bad Cardio/Endurance, Strength Problem?



I just wanted to know if insufficient endurance can impede your lifting capabilities.

e.g i can bench about 220 pounds for 3 but i can't perform 30 "quality push ups" nor more than 5 pullups although i worked on them for about one month now. Furthermore i can't run more than 3 miles without gassing out. I feel kind of embarrassed about my endurance so i don't think i train it enough.

Any thoughts?


Yeah, "lifting capability" is vague.

Also, to make sense enter your stats as a point of reference.

For instance, if you weigh 125 and bench 220 but can't do 30 pushups you would have poor endurance.

However, if you weight 275 bench 220 and can't do 30 pushups you are just fat.


Well my weight is about 190 pounds, body fat is about 14%


well, to be good at stuff, you have to do that stuff, often


while I agree that the pushups and chins are bad, getting "gassed" because you ran 3 miles doesnt mean your not in shape lol