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Bad Bulk Day or Skip?




[quote]senorhosh wrote:
I’m on a bulk. Due to my busy schedule, sometimes I can’t get my calories in (or I have to get it from absolute junk).

Would it be better in the long run to just skip the last meal (eating about 600-700 cals below daily goal) or to eat junk food and meet the goal?
I’m trying to bulk with relatively little fat. But it’s hard because I can’t seem to meet my calories without getting dirty…

So skip or no skip?[/quote]

Skip it and it’s not a bulk. Plus, it’s not hard to get 700 calories, no matter how busy your schedule. Around 150g of nuts- mission accomplished. Either that or just eat bigger portions in the rest of your meals.


If you really want those extra 600-700 calories, Watermelon_2001 has the right idea: nuts – they’re pretty calorie-dense. Orrrrrr if you’re a PB fanatic like me: 6 tbsp of your average nutbutter ~ 600 calories.


My weapon of choice for this sort of thing is walmart canned salmon–630 cals, 84 grams of protein and 35 grams of good fats per can.


Yeah man, seriously? You’re saying that you can’t think of anything but ‘crap’ to add a few hundred calories? Unless you NEED 5,000 kcals+ to bulk, then you have NO excuse to eat shit. If you want to, that’s different, but like I said, the only people who have the ‘right’ to eat crap, IMO, are those who need a lot of food to bulk. For instance, I can gain at 3,500 kcals pretty well. Tahts EAST. Some bigger people / faster food metabolisers, NEED double that in some cases. It would be hard to put back 6,000 kcals of beef and eggs and oats every day, but come on…600 kcals? Really?


I’ve eaten on the toilet. You will find time.