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Bad Breath Nutrition Orientated


I follow a pretty T-man orientated lifestyle however i have awful bad breath at times. i'm wondering if anyone can offer a nutritional way (i don't over do spices) to avoid this.
Is this a possible sign of gastrointestinal distress. Too much protein not enough veg.


chewing gum?


that just masks the problem, doesn;t eradicate the problem.


Carnivore breath. It's all the meat breaking down. Wetbrush after you eat and do not use mouthwash!! Bad breath only gets worse in a dry mouth - alcohol dries the mouth (as does brushing with toothpaste). Chewing parsley can help some. Drink more water.


You might have halitosis (sp?). It's pretty much chronic bad breath that only gets better by brushing your teeth A LOT. I think. :slightly_smiling:


I've heard the good bacteria found in Yogurt not only helps your GI system stay healthy, but also guts down on the bad breath by helping your system remove bad bacteria.

As for mouthwash, check out the Crest stuff...it doesn't have alcohol.


Eat fruit as well. The foods you eat the flavor etcd does go to ALL your bodily fluids Some more than others like Garlic etc. To bad for me a LOVE garlic.

The fruit will help and the above suggestions are great.


floss twice a day. get a tounge scraper.and get this toothpaste and rinse:


my dentist recommends this to all his patients. yes, it's a little pricey. yes, he makes a little money on it. but it's one of the few products i've tried that absolutely does everything it says it does.

i've been using it for 3 years and everyone who tries it is like "holy shit! this stuff rules ! where do i get it?! ". everyone. i'm not kidding.