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Bad Brain Fog with Nolva - Is it the Neurotoxicity?

Hi guys,

I’m in in my second week of PCT after a looong cycle of test-e 500mg weekly with hcg throughout. I am running Nolvadex now at 40 mg in pct and the Brian fog is actually horrible. I’ve definitely lost IQ points. I can’t remember common words. Can’t get my thoughts together, feel like my head is in a bubble, and feel terribly fatigued and SLEEPY.

I’m wondering if it’s due to the potentially neurotoxic effects of Nolva, i.e what some would call “Chemo Brain”, or is this because my brain is being deprived of estrogen? I hope it’s the latter and I’m not permanently giving myself brain damage or setting the stage for longer term problems down the road.

I’m even debating going on a B&C if the Nolva is doing me damage tbh.

I had a similar experience with nolva. In addition, I also had slightly but noticeable blurred vision and depression as well. I know most do better with nolva than Clomid, but I am not one of them. I seem to do better with clomid.

Thanks for responding :).

Unfortunately clomid is even worse for me. I get an acute sense of depression and emotional vulnerability. Don’t get that with Nolva - the depression is more a-motivational. I’d still take the latter any day.

Do you know why Nolva causes these side effects ? I

That’s a shame. This is likely the cause, although it appears to be in regard to a mice study.

This was the study I was referring to also. Jesus, not cool. Fuck man. I was hoping it was the pseudo estrogen or lack of estrogen causing these sides and not that they were evidence damage happening at the cellular level

Also, is clomid not neurotoxic ? Maybe I can try again at a lower dose maybe 25-50 mg Max. Floaters are intense also on 100 mg.

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I honestly know very little about Clomid. I tend to “placebo trick” myself if I look at side effects, so I prefer to try new substances blind first and attempt to observe possible effects without that knowledge bias. I’ve been on TRT for about 5 years, so I run these serms in conjunction with that as full disclosure for you. I was running nolva at 40 mgs per day. I’m currently only running Clomid at 25 mgs every 3 days, so it’s likely dose dependent and I’m not running it as a pct.

I wanted to update this thread with my blood labs after 8 weeks PCT with Nolva… bloodwork done 2 weeks after last 10 mg Nolva https://imgur.com/gallery/s4bH3Hd

Total test is 305. Can I expect further recovery or is this where I should plateau? I know this depends on my pre-cycle Test levels but I really don’t know what my levels are naturally. Here’s some backstory that explains :

When Id taken 6 years off the gym, ate like shit and gained a nice 15 pounds body fat, drank red bulls everyday, subway almost every day etc. My levels were tested twice a few weeks apart and came back at mid 300s. I spoke to an endo and he refused to give me TRT, so I did what I could to raise them naturally with HITT Cardio 3x weekly and a clean diet. I lifted 2-3 times per week only just ramping it up again but my aim was to lose the body fat and get my 6 pack back. A few months later, mission accomplishe, I was lean and ripped again and re-tested my total T which came back 730.

I don’t know if that was a random fluke or if my leaning up really did DOUBLE my t levels. So I’m not sure where I can expect myself to recover at the present time, I…e whether 300s or 700s are my natural range.

I’m currently bulking and have some body fat so maybe that’s why my test is only in the 300s again? I guess I can try leaning out to see if that helps recovery even more.