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Bad Bottle of Test?

Anyone ever do a vial of prescription T that they suspected was poorly concentrated? Brand is Perrigo. Obtained legally. Never suspected this before. In fact I have found them to have good manufacturing tolerance as I have been using them for a long while.

I had a number of acute Low T symptoms all come back around the exact same time, intensely, which only subsided a few shots after I moved to the next vial. Anyone ever experience this and NOT suspect it was poorly dosed T?

I think there’s been a couple gus on here that have asked this same question. Never did get a definitive answer that I recall. I do recall some guys respond differently to different carrier oils and their doc will have to adjust their dose after switching brands, this was shown in their blood work as well.

You might just have to get some blood work done to see. There are a lot of things that can cause low t symptoms so it’s not a given that you have a miss dosed vial(s).

Have read of guys complaining about not feeling great using this brand. Never done it personally, but I use Westward-Hikma and never had any issues