Bad Blood Results/Erection Dysfunction

Hi guys.

My last cycle was in March

week 1- 250 mg sustanon, 200 mg boldenone

week 2- 250 mg sustanon, 400 mg boldenone

week 3-500 mg sustanon, 400 mg boldenone

week 4- 250 mg cypionate, 250 mg sustanon, 200 mg deca, 200 mg boldenone, tamox (20 mg ed)

week 5- 250 mg cypionate, 250 mg sustanon, 200 mg deca, 200 mg boldenone, tamox (20 mg ed)

week 6-500 mg cypionate, 400 mg deca, tamox (20mg ed)

week 7-500 mg cypionate, 400 mg deca, tamox (20mg ed)

week 8- 250 mg cypionate, 200 mg deca ,tamox (20 mg ed)

This resultas gave me two weeks ago:

T3 - 0.78 (0,83-2.00)

T4-5.67 (5,13-14.10)

TSH-2,750 (0,270-4,20)

FSH -4.51 (1,50-12.40)

LH - 9.24 (1.70-8.60)

estradiol - 33.58 (25.80-60.70)

progesterone 0.43 (<0.05-0.149)

prolactine -32.22 (4.04-15.20)

testosterone - 565 (249-836)

PCT ( I did not take free weeks before taking pct)

WEEK 1 : 20 mg of tamoxifene
WEEK 2 : 20 mg of tamoxifene, 500 ui HCG sunday, wednesday and friday
WEEK 3 : 20 mg of tamoxifene, 50 of clomifene every 12 hours
WEEK 4 : 20 mg of tamoxifene

I have a poor diet, alcohol every weekend and 0 workout from 2 months ago. I am retired of gym for a time

At this moment I have erection disfunction and I cum very soon but I have good libido

I am taking cabergoline (from two weeks ago) 0.5 mg per week (but ED keeps). Also I am taking 2 gr of vit c , 50 mg of zin and magnesium

Could high prolactin come for low thyroid. Is it correct this?

But I don’t know that i should do now. I am thinking to take exemestane (or arimidex) 12’5-25 mg ed and taking 12’5-25 T4.

Would you do a new pct?

19 of August

Iron 28 (5.8 -34.5)

ferritin 118.20 (30-400)

AST 25 (0-40)

ALT 38 (0-41)

total bilirubin 36.40 (0-21)

alkaline phosphatase 56 (40-130)

GGT 17 (0-60)

Urea 9.30 (2.76-8.07)

creatinine 96 (62-106)

Glucose 4.71 (3.90-5.50)

total cholesterol 3.69 (3.00-5.00)

HDL cholesterol 1.50 (>1)

LDL cholesterol 1.95 (,3.0)

trygycerides 0.53 (,1.7)

C Protein reactive 0.51 (0-5.00)

TSH 2.08 (0.270-4.200)

FT3 3.49 (2.04-4.40)

FT4 1.23 (0.93-1.71)

T3 0.97 (0.83-2.00)

T4 6.40 (5.13-14.10)

anti-TPO 6.61 (0.00-34.00)

anti-TG <10.00 (0-115)

TRAB <0.30 (<1.22)

thyroglobulin 15.42 (3.5-77)

FSH 5.53 (1.50-12.40)

LH 6.44 (1.70-8.60)

estradiol 40.83 (25.80-60.70)

progesterone 0.58 (<0.05-0.149)

prolactin 4.19 (4.04-15.20)

DHEA-S04 288.80 (88.9-427.0)

androstenedione 1.32 (0.60-3.10)

total testosterone 666.50 (249-836)

free testosterone 20.88 (1-28.28)

SHGB 43.07 (18.30-54.10)

CK 173 (0-190)

aldosterone 364,00 ( Lying 17.6 - 232.0 pg / ml 30 min after tilting - 25.2 - 392.0 pg )

cortisol 22.76 ( hours. 7:00 - 10:00 - 6.2 - 19.4 mg / dL hours. 16:00 - 20:00 - 2.3 - 11.9 mg )

Your Prolactin is double the range so taking cabergoline might help.

The only things that i am aware of that would affect prolactin are 19nor steroids or a prolactin secreting adenoma.

Could your Boldenone have been faked with Nandrolone?

All your other labs look OK apart form prolactin so i would just try the cabergoline for 4-6 weeks. I wouldn’t add exemestane to this as your estrogen is fairly low on the range.

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The progesterone is very high also and thryroid hormones are very low and LH high.
For this reason I am thinking to take arimidex/exe (progesterone) and t3/t4 for thryroids

Do you increase the cabergoline if I don’t have better erections? (I am taking 0.5 for week)

I think that high prolactine can come for low thyroid (apart from 19nor steroids also)

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prolactin can rise along with estradiol. also, since you took deca, you shouldn’t be surprised that your prolactin is high. deca is also known to screw up thyroid levels a bit…

anyway, your cycle and PCT just sucked…

i’d raise the caber a bit since your prolactin is so high. get back in the gym, too… you don’t need to go crazy, but to quit working out after your cycle is fucking stupid, since you’ll just lose all your gains. plus, exercise keeps testosterone production up… and fix your diet and cut back on the booze.

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what an absolute fucking car crash.

You literally did everything wrong.

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A stressed liver cannot function at peak performance and could allow buildup of toxins and poor clearance of estrogen etc. I would suggest you quit drinking and let your liver heal itself. Drinking and AAS will be a disaster in the long run. Fatty liver, cirrhosis, potential for cancers etc. Be careful and take care.


I will never return to take steroids .

I only want to return to have erections and i am good

Could you help me?


Consider taking some adex, t3 and t4, carber (maybe you should increase the dose), some clomid, tamox, HCG and pray. You did it wrong, your PCT was shit.


Just read through your Estro/Gyno Management thread:

“Thoughts on Estrogen and Gyno Management - #8 by cycobushmaster”

Thanks so much for taking the time to share the valuable knowledge with us!

Ive had puffy nipples before ever taking peptides, haven’t done a test cycle yet.

If Im currently taking Peptides:

LGD-4033/ 5-10mg ED
GW-501516/ 5-10mg ED
MK-677/ 25mg ED

Do you think your off-cycle estro management dosages are okay to take with my peptide stack?
(^attached image)

My nipple puffiness seems to have stayed the same amount for years.

honestly, i’m not sure.

SARMs seem to aggravate gyno in some guys, but since they don’t raise estrogen, we’re not really sure why (unless the SARM happens to act on the estrogen receptor, as well).

MK677 can raise prolactin a bit, and that might be the other cause of the puffy nipples… if that’s the case, then a dopamine agonist would be the logical treatment there…

EDIT: i wouldn’t take an AI with a SARM, unless you had an idea that your E2 was high or bloodwork showing that. SARMs don’t aromatize, and the longer you’re on them, then the lower your E2 goes…

My nips got puffy as fuck when I went up to high doses of MK 677

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You’re in bad situation I think the best place to ask this question is uk forum and forum steroid the guys there have more experience

i need more opinions guys

@KSman what do you think? (specially about my thyroid)


TSH should be closer to 1.0
T3, T4, fT3, fT4 should be at mid-range or better

You have sub-optimal -low- thyroid function.

Check oral body temperatures as per the thyroid basics sticky found here: About the T Replacement Category - #2 by KSman

Your thyroid function may be low because of an iodine deficiency caused by not using iodized salt and/or vitamins listing iodine+selenium.

Low thyroid function can lower LH/FSH and T, or fuck with PCT/recovery.

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I have added new blood tests

I am happy with new blood tests but ED keepx althought I am improving a bit also

What do you recommend me now? (specially for ED)

i need more opinion guys