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Bad Blog Idea???

Hey Fellas,

came up with an idea, it’s late, i’m tired, probably thinking too much. But this seems genius at the moment. Only time will tell if i eventually scrap the idea.

but… instead of making a thread here, i’m just going to create a blog, and have updates on my training. it wont just be training physically, but as I go through books, and lecture material and the like- things that i feel are interesting to the t-man lifestyle I will bring up what I learn or my perspective on different issues.

we’ll see if i’m just in need of sleep. maybe this is a good idea.

here’s the link: I’ll repost when I get b4 pictures up.



Nope, not a bad idea at all.

Nice preamble, dude.

Good luck, and Merry Christmas!

Yeah, I’ve got a blog going as well at another site, were I can gripe about world issues or more likely just keep a workout log.

It’s not that anyone is actually reading it or anything, its just there for historical purposes – and you don’t have to really put in any identifying information if that is a concern for you.

Pen and paper will also work, but that is so pre-2K… :wink:

Just checked out your blog and left a comment (I will spare everyone repeating what I wrote there). Quite frankly, I really like the idea and wish you the best of luck with it. Even if people do give you a hard time about it on here or with comments on your blog, don’t sweat it. Some people are just cynical haters anyway (I have gotten some pretty stupid comments on my own blog as well).

So, great idea and hang tough with it.


vroom and Xen Nova:

The more I think on this, the more it appeals to me. Assuming you have looked around at the various blogger sites, could you give a recommendation for one?

Obviously I’d want it to be feature rich, flexible, etc. But I’d also want to select a blogger that will BE AROUND for awhile. Not some weak site that will fold anytime soon.


Blogger.com (which is owned by Google) is a great site. They have the templates to use, nice features, you do not need to provide your own storage (but can if you like) and is very simple to use. Big fan of it.

Wow. You are one strong son of a bitch. 45 pullups? WTF? is that even possible?


yes 45 in one sitting… wasn’t neccessarily about strong… i have a pretty decent grip, so after about 32 pullups it was more about just hanging there for a while and doing 1-2 pullups, recovering (still hanging) and doing more pullups…only good part about that it was hard to use momentum.

but that wasn’t really about strength… the weighted pullups is about strength.

but thanks for the feedback guys.

I’ll be posting on that thing regularly… i need a creative outlet.


Well, while reading slashdot at work I read an article saying Microsoft had made a blog site. I haven’t tried any others, but if it is just for a workout log it is good.

You can upload pictures into “categories”. The viewer can choose a category and the pictures rotate automatically.

I think you can get to it as spaces.msn.com if you are interested. I do hate to endorse anything by Microsoft, so be sure to check out Google’s blogger site as well.

I love how vroom knows everything :stuck_out_tongue:

before pictures up.