Bad Back Workout Anyone?

I can’t be the only one on here who would like to see some kind of workout routine for someone who has a bad back. I have spondylolisthesis in my back , (don’t know if I spelled that right) That I have learned over time that there are things I can do to help it but there are some exercises that I just cant do anymore and basically they used to be my favorite.

Cant do anything that loads my spine with downward pressure. Like squats and overhead pressing and shrugs. Anyway I would like to see some kind of innovative training for someone who is limited in exercise selection. I would love to do squats and cleans now as I did them regular for years and they were my favorite, but they are just not an option anymore.

I found these articles pretty useful and had sent them to a woman I know that has back issues and she said they helped her quite a bit.

I know there are a few other articles that were written on the ‘bad back’ subject but, I don’t remember exactly where they are. Check the article library or try doing a search on your condition. It may have been mentioned in an article in the past.

~I hope you find some useful info here that can help you out!

Well being the thick headed idiot that I am I continued to workout after having fractured a few vertebrae so I can at least tell you what I did:

-I switched to leg presses to replace squats.
-For shrugs I did seated DB shrugs as that took most of the load off my lower spine
-I switched to stiff leg deadlifts to strengthen the muscles around my lower spine
-I did seated shoulder presses

thats all I can think of right now as far what I did differently when I was hurt. Hope that helps!

I switched to lunges instead of squats

When deadlifting for >60% of 1RM, I only do 1-3 reps

I do lots of power cleans and power snatches both from the floor and the hang position

I do mobility drills (Magnificent Mobility) before EVERY workout

I changed my posture

I changed the way I walk

I found doing DB rows and db shrugs on an incline bench are a big help.

I’m guessing that’s Adult Isthmic Spondylolisthesis or slipped verterbra and it’s not uncommon apparently. I had a quick read about it; looks like your training may not have been to blame either, it just seems to be somehting that can happen to some folk.

Some ideas generally

Prone rows for the back with db, various chins are good too. For overhead you may find a very inclined bench supportive.

Hope these and other contributions give you some ideas.

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This may help:

feel better on my deads already