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Bad Back Pain


So last year I strained my lower back while doing a landscaping job.. I tried everything yoga, foam rolling, massage, electro shock. But the only thig that made it go away was just taking 2 months off enterly.

Last week I was landcaping and boom I did it again. But its summer time and I cant stay out of the gym Im looking and feeling great. I dont want to piss away my gains. I cant squat, DL or anything that puts pressure on the low back. orst of all I cant do shoulders or chest becuase Im still healing from shoulder repair. WTF Im only 36 but I feel like a broken down piece of meat.
What I dont get is how come I can do heavy squats or DL's and be ok just sore but when I do a days worth of manual labor my back goes to shit.


IMO...the difference is that the work in the gym is generally static in nature and the landscaping work is more dynamic. Reaction/response time is the first to deteriorate as we age and movement is a 'symphony' reaction. I also suspect that your mind/body concentration is better while lifting than while laboring.