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Bad at Math: TRT Dosage Question

Hi all,

I am currently taking 1.2ml test cypionate total, in two equal injections per week.

My dose bottle says, “200mg test cyp per ml”

Since I take .6 ml twice a week, that comes out to be 240 mg test, correct?

I gradually built up to this dose to eliminate ED, and increase my test levels.

I’ve read that the recommended dose of anastrazole (if one NEEDS it,) is .5mg per 100mg test. Correct?

Therefore, if I ask in fact taking 240mg test total per week, would the correct dose of anastrazole be 1.2 mg?

Thx for any input

Correct, 240mg per week.

Recommended dose for anastrozole should, in my opinion, be a little as needed to control high E2 symptoms, and that is provided there are no other options.

No this is not correct. Everyone responds to anastrozole differently.
Most that take 100mg/wk of T cyp require no AI to control E2.

240mg/wk is a shit load of T if you are just on a TRT protocol.
What is your SHGB? Have you tested your HCT yet?

240mg is a large dose. You may be able to lower this do a point where an ai isn’t needed at all. If you do decide that you need an ai, I would start out at a much lower dosage than .5mg per 100mg of test. Perhaps .125-.25mg per 100 then test after ~6 weeks and adjust. I personally need no ai on my trt dosage of 140mgs a week.

Thanks all for your time.

240mg is a high dose for TRT, but I didn’t start responding until I was raised to that level.

My body quit producing testosterone after being prescribed a TON of pain meds due to an injury many years ago.

I started off with Androgel, it did almost nothing. Even on the MAX dose, it only raised my total test to 120. Yes, only 120!

Then I moved to once weekly injection of .25ml. Test went up to like 160. Then once weekly .375ml. Test went up to like 250.
Then bumped up AGAIN to .5ml, test went up to around 300+.
Switched to twice weekly dosing, eventually landing on 240mg, or .6ml twice per week.

That gets my total testosterone to 800, and I finally FEEL good, and no sides except for back acne.

My estradiol was 47 without an AI.

Trying to get it down to 22 or so, that’s why I asked the AI dose question.

My body must process testosterone really quick.
My SHBG is really low; 7 on a reference range of 10-50. And my free test is like DOUBLE the top of the reference range; I think it was 228 on a scale that maxes out at 110. (Going of memory here).

So yeah, stuff is out of whack. :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your time guys.

I understand what you are saying but that still does not mean you are not heading for serious trouble running a double free T year round.
You need to watch your Blood pressure and get your HCT tested often. If you deside to start donating blood to continue this high T dose you need to add ferritin to your blood tests.

How’s you’re insulin sensitivity?

In response to stuff you guys mentioned above:

I donate blood regularly every 8 weeks, so I have that base covered. My blood pressure is about 125 over 60-70.

I was borderline diabetic 4!months ago; A1C was 6.4, and the cutoff was 6.5 for being considered “officially diabetic”. My fasting blood glucose ran between 160 and 190.

I changed my diet COMPLETELY, and immediately.

I always knew I was “carb sensitive”; whenever I ate pasta or bread or processed carbs I became pregnant-looking bloated.

BUT, since radically changing my diet, my fasting blood glucose is down to 90. My highest spike is only 120, compared to 220 four months ago.

I’m down 20 pounds, so that’s great too.

My macro split now is 50% protein, 30% fat, and 20% carbs.

My fat source is mostly olive oil.
My only carbs come from beans or green vegetables.

I’m getting labs done in a week, so I can check to see what has happened to my A1C, liver enzymes, lipid profile, etc.