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Bad Asymmetric Scapular Imbalance


Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice on this imbalance. I'm 18 years old and after years of playing cello, I have the imbalance you can see in the picture: at resting posture, my entire left shoulder is pulled up and forward. It sits above my right, which means when I put on a backpack I feel really imbalanced and I soon get pain that freezes up my left shoulder. Also the imbalance is messing with me and holding me back as I have started to try some physical training. Does anyone have experience dealing with an imbalance like this?



You've spent hours for years, kinda hunched over with 1 arm in an isometric upright row, and the other in a short-range horizontal row. Of course you are a little out of whack.

You'll need to spend some time working both sides through all kinds of ROMs, equally.

Try 1 arm pulldowns, left side first.
1 arm rows, lefts side first
1 arm shrugs, knuckles out to the side, right arm first

Really try to feel the stretch at the "bottom" and the squeeze a the top. Focus on full range of motion, and time under tension, not poundage at first. Train your two sides to feel the same.

This always makes my scaps feel Yo Yo Ma-rvelous

Good Luck! Happy Easter!


Thank you for the reply and advice! I'm going to add those into my routine.

I am glad I played cello as a kid, but man did it put my body in some bad positions. I'm just realizing that now.


Your scapular levator muscle and your pectorus minor are more likely retracted from the position you were holding. My personal opinion is to stretch them (look on youtube or google). Also, you would most certainly benefit from training the entire trapezius (do it on both side, it will help with brain pattern) especially the lower portion in your case (the 2 first exercise on this site http://www.bodiempowerment.com/advanced-posture-exercises/)