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Bad-ass mutha ;-)

Well, as a few others have posted their pics on here, I decided I might as well get critiqued too. Do your worst, I can take it!
:slight_smile: www.geocities.com/d_d_kuhl/skinnyguy.html

You look like James Hetfield in that second picture! Even have the pose down… :slight_smile:

Pics are good, but where’s the before or after shots??

Also, try shaving off the goatie and bodyhair… this will give your body a defined look.

Traps look good. If you really wanted to go crazy with the shrugs, deadlifts, cleans, high pulls, and upright rows, you could probably get that freaky Markus Ruhl look going!:slight_smile: Keep up the good work.

You look like a flaming doochebag in those pics. Don’t put that shit on the internet dude. Your physique isn’t bad though, keep up the work!

Not bad, in particular the traps. Props to you on posting the pics.

  1. Dont smile
  2. Dont look at the camera
  3. Work on your posture
  4. Do your laundry

pretty strong for 172 lbs. Your genetics are good. you weigh the same as i weighed when i graduated college. i’m 30 lbs heavier now but i still feel skinny. Keep up the training. I don’t have any problems with your hair or goatie. laters pk

Nice traps DK. You have a lot more potential to exploit. Work on your bench a bit. Maybe try the Westside routine. Keep us posted.

Thanks for the comments guys. I’ve been told I have good traps, if I would have had a picture from the back you could see’em defined better. I attribute that to the deadlifts I do. These are the ‘before’ pics, I kept on forgetting to have my bud take them a few months ago so I could chart my progress. I had planned on keeping them to compare for just myself, so I wasn’t too concerned about posture, etc. I think I’m going to shave the goatie off for easter and leave it trimmed after that. My bench has always been weak, I’ve been trying to figure out why and work on it. My strongest lift is deadlifts. I got 405 awhile back before a couple injuries and lack of motivation made me take time off. Oh, and thanks for reminding me coyote, i needed to do laundry.

wow. 287 hits to that page. That’s crazy. And not even 10 posters… I guess many were too amazed to even post. :wink:

Not bad dude. How tall are you? I’m trying to figure what would be an optimum weight for my height(6 feet).

I’m about ~5’11".