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Bad Ass Fights


So I am working and cant access hardly any sites (surprised I can get on here). I am in one of those moods tonight, can someone anyone post some fights on here...don't care, your favorite, street, mma, vale tudo, riohereos, pride, etc....

much appreciated!!!!!!!!

p.s. when I get home tomorrow I will add some good ol skool fights for viewing pleasure


Zambidis vs Chahid


Fedor vs Fujita


Corrales vs Castillo - Round 10


Carnage v Spong - ignore the music



I am working tomorrow night too so I will add some tomorrow if I can...


[quote]justrob wrote:
Zambidis vs Chahid

Outstanding fight!


No problems brother, glad you enjoyed it - a classic.


when little boys watch these fights they instantly grow beards


Some of us need all the help we can get...


I will get some on here soon



holy crap insane fight!


This is one of my favorite fights, top to bottom, every round. Marquez is a warrior and Diaz is a tough cat, what a fuckin fight.

My favorite is when Marquez gets tagged right on the chin- and instantly he starts wailing away. That man is the definition of a fighter.


Corrales Castillo highlights of that fight, one of the best ever.


Awesome! thanks for the videos...I am stuck at work again so feel free to post more!

I will be heading home tomorrow morning, I will post a bunch of Pride and UFC fights so I have something more to watch on Wednesday night.


one of my favorite fighters


:slightly_smiling: Carnage does Aussies proud.... tough as nails.


One of the best Muay Thai fights ever

Jongsanan Fairtex vs Sakmongkol Sitshuchok (5th fight)