Bad and Inflexible Wrists

I’ve used the search engine but i didn’t find anything usefull for my…problem.
And the problem is:
Bad - inflexible wrist. And pain in forearms and elbows(especialy the right)
Does anybody know a solution?
I really want to use powercleans, front squat and etc with the ‘normal grip’.
Im trying with the bar only, im trying with bar and some weight…
Any special exercises for flexibility, tip and tricks about it?

There are a couple of stretches you can do.

You can put the palms of your hands together, fingers up, in front of you like you are praying. Keeping your hands together, lower your wrists until you feel a stretch.

Leaning on a counter, palms flat, fingers away from you, gradulaly push yourself forward until you feel a stretch.

Hold one arm straight out in front of you, palm away from you, fingers up. With the other hand, pull your fingers back until you feel the stretch then switch arms.


Marc rippetoe wrote about a stretch for inflexible wrists:
It’s the same as the last one stu wrote but you do it in a powerrack and use the bar to help stretch.

So in essence you “rack the bar” but only with one arm at a time (don’t lift the bar it’s just used as resistance) and stretch your wrists.

I hope that was clear enough, Stu is better at explaining…