Bad Anal Fissure Tear

Ive read through some of the posts here and on other sites.I posted a while back too asking for supplements that might help heal tissure injuries. First its a warning to those who might pass blood in their stool and play it off…or have blood in the bowl after a movement and think its just hemmroids…around December or so, doing rock bottom squat triples with 500, I felt something funny…I ended up in the bathroom with a bowl full of bright red blood…I played it off, thought maybe I just hadnt gone heavy in a few years and pushed it so it was “breaking back in” or something stupid…I continued a 3 day a week program, usually a heavy day of triples, another day of 5’s, and another day of chains or bands worked in with squats, a variation of power clean, deadlift, bench and chins or rows…this went on for a few months, and Id have every so often blood in the bowl and when I wiped (yea sounds disgusting but its a fact I gotta live with it). It got to point it was hurting so bad and I thought it was hemroids, so I backed off and was doing sprints and weighted sled pulls instead of heavy squats and cleans, or doing light pause squats with 315…the primary care doc thought it was hemmroids, but when I put the medication they gave me on my rear it burned like hell and I was running around on my tippy toes…went to specialist, and after getting violated a few times, and jumping off the table in pain with tears in my eyes, he told me I had a rip in my canal basically…

So, anyways what normally heals on its own in pregnant women who get them or older people not eating enough fiber, has gone on for months with me missing workouts…by the time I finally got the right doctor with the right meds, I probably had ripped this thing over and over by continuing to train heavy with it. Now Ive been on light duty with my job behind a desk (driving me insane), and not been able to train for months…just these past few weeks Ive been allowed to try light jogging, eliptical (I swore Id never do that before!), and light upper body…Ive lost so much muscle mass and piled on a buddha belly in the past 3 months its making me want to see a sports psychologist! ha…

If you ever pass blood, dont be a meathead like me and wait…GO SEE A DOCTOR…

Im on high fiber, hot baths, and some heart medicine or something you rub on yourself with a vasoline like compound thats supposed to stop the spincter muscle from spasming so it can heal up…although, I think this is the last month I can wait to see if it heals and if it does not will have to get surgery…even after light jogging I have blood issues…

I need FULL RECOVERY!! If anyone knows specialists in this I could talk to who are familiar with ATHLETES and not just old people or pregnant woman, I would appreciate it…Im in a public service job that is demanding, and I also am on a special unit that is extra demanding physically…and I also am a S&C coach on my days off from that and now its killing me I cant train with my kids!!!

Any suggestions for diet or workouts to do while in this frustrating limbo?? would any type of supplements help organ tissue heal???

Thanks, God Bless

That is one of the most horrific things I have ever read. Good luck to you sir, it sounds like you need it.

When these things don’t heal it’s because the internal (involuntary) sphincter muscle is spasming out of control thus cutting off the blood supply to the tear. A sphincterotomy partially cuts this muscle thus stopping it from totally contracting thus allowing blood flow to the tear which in turn enables healing.

If it doesn’t heal within a couple months then you probably need a spinchterotomy. It’s not a really bad surgery. Very slight chance that you’ll get incontinence when you have diarrhea in the future. That of course would suck but is pretty unlikely.

Some people are scared about the surgery and instead spend years dealing with this problem. I strongly suggest that if it doesn’t heal within a couple months that you get the surgery. Because even if it does heal, it can become a recurring problem throughout your life unless you do something really significant and permanent to stop it from happening again.

Jesus bro, i wish you the best

Anal Fissures are common.
If you bleed BRIGHT RED blood on rare occasions, it’s nothing to freak out over.

also diet can cause blood in the stool.

anal fissures typically dont hurt to bad.

Hemeroids on the other hand hurt like hell… and yes putting PH on them will make it burn and sting like hell. (it’s raw and inflamed what do you expect?)

If you have BRIGHT RED blood 1 or 2 times it’s fine.
if you have DARK RED OR BROWN blood, then you need to see a doctor.
that means its coming from further up inside you and can be serious.

if you have blood every day regardless of color. go see a doctor.

I had the same thing happen to me. After being violated several times, the doc also told me that I had a tear. He said that there was nothing they could do and recommended that I eat a high fiber diet. Apparently soft shit is easier on it than hard shit is. Nasty.

Since then, I only shit blood when I’m not eating enough fiber.

[quote]jjphenomenon wrote:
I had the same thing happen to me. After being violated several times, the doc also told me that I had a tear. He said that there was nothing they could do and recommended that I eat a high fiber diet. Apparently soft shit is easier on it than hard shit is. Nasty.

Since then, I only shit blood when I’m not eating enough fiber.[/quote]

Uh, were you like in prison or something? Holy sh!t.

Yeah bro this sucks. I have been battling a fissure and roids for the last four months. It seems that as soon as I feel 100% I do something stupid and hurt myself again. The only thing that works for me is to soak in a hot bath 3-4 times a day and eat a lot of fiber. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy.

Thanks for the support guys…yea the hot baths, high fiber, and lots of fluids work well…its tough though sometimes because I end up working 14-16 hour days sometimes with no break in between or running around…

I have another appointment in a month…Ill see what the doc says, maybe I should not be so scared and freaking out about the surgery…

No longer will I question the merits of supplimenting my diet with fiber. Great wake up thread. Hope you get well, bro. Be smart, lay off the weights.

You should see a good colorectal surgeon before you do anything. You should also get a 2nd and even 3rd opinion. I had a colectomy done about 10 yrs ago which is not the same as your situation, but I lagged on it and it cost me big time. I would recommend Dr Robert Beart from USC Colorectal Medicine. He is in Los Angeles, most likely the best guy you want to look up your tooka. Good luck.

Good lord!

My rule of thumb is if there’s blood in your toilet bowl, see a dr. Now.

And stop putting your fingers up there!

Goodness!! Wish ya the best…let us know how it goes. I imagine education on this subject to be of benefit to everyone on the board.

[quote]Sxio wrote:
Good lord!

My rule of thumb is if there’s blood in your toilet bowl, see a dr. Now.

And stop putting your fingers up there![/quote]

if you have a big turd
it can tear your anus… and you’ll get blood when you wipe or a little in the bowl…
like i said if it’s bright red… no biggie… it will heal in a day or 2.

if it’s dark then it’s from your guts and that’s usually bad.

i feel old since i’m part of a discussion about bowl movements… ha ha


This thread is just what I needed!

[quote]oboffill wrote:
No longer will I question the merits of supplimenting my diet with fiber. [/quote]

This is probably the largest lesson.

Yes, fiber and hydration…metamucil cinnamon wafers actually taste good…kashi cereal does too…kashi cereal in morning, fiber wafers, and fiber wafers at night…start looking at your labels…

Yes, it was akward at first, kept it to myself except for my close powerlifting and olympic buddies…and like a total retard kept doing heavy power and olympic lifting, sled drags, sprints, and working my job which is physically demanding…and ended up making it much much worse…to the point I almost passed out sitting on the toilet from pain, and couldnt even pass gas without feeling like I got punched in the stomach and an ice pick shoved up my rear…

My biggest fears are will I ever get to rock bottom squat again, do heavy cleans, deads, and also go 110% on my job…

Well Bro,

I’m here to tell you I feel your pain. I got a horrible fissure about 11 years ago. In addition to dieting and lifting really hard, I had a job that required a lot of kneeling and sqauting. After months of thinking I was dealing with hemmi’s, I was diagnosed with a fissure.

As I was reading you initial post it was as if I had written it. The story is so very similar it is amazing. How old are you? It happened to me when I was 30.

You are going to need to take it easy on the type of lifting you have done in the past. Eventually, you WILL be able to train very hard again. I train at a high level again and in fact am stronger than I was when I got the fissure 11 years ago.

If you are not already, take a stool softner in addition to the fiber products. And in addition to watching what you eat, you are going to have to quit straining to get better. When I finally realized and came to terms that I was going to have to NOT train for a while, I started getting better. I have never had the problem again and am able to train as before.

Best of luck.

Man I can totally relate to that! I had the same problem happen to me at 29. . . took me 1 year of constant pain to see a specialist. (Proctologyst). The solution was not rest, not creams. This thing does not heal on its own because you keep needing to expand the muscle for evacuation.

I am no doctor, but the specialist gave me 2 options. to have a small procedure where they burn the nerve in the are, use stitches and suture it or to keep to move my life around for this reccurrring blood stools.

Easy choice. had the procedure done on a saturday morning, in the afternoon I was home and 5 days later I was evacuating again. Had to take 1.5 weeks off from work and the pain with swelling stayed for another 2 months. After that I have no recurrence or problems even related to that. I can eat rocks and have no problems.

My suggestion is to go and see a proctologyst in your area, and ask for the costs. And get it done soon. You will regret later the time you spend in pain.