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Bad Advice



I have a friend who started training with me recently. He goes with me every other week or so for one fullbody workout.

This guy is the posterboy for genetic wildcard. Large biceps, extreme V taper, big shoulders, 6pack. However, he eats MAYBE twice a day, takes in VERY little protein. His training regimen typically consists of a shitload of push ups and sit ups before bed and a ton of DB curls.

Recently, he has started trying to give me advice. Advice I KNOW isnt sound, but its worked for him. My physique isnt anywhere near his, so its hard for me to give him sound advice, and have him respect me for it.

Is this a case where anything he does will work for him given his genetics? Or is he on to something with doing tons of pushups/situps/curls/french press every night?

I say screw genetics, he has them and thats great, if I have to work twice as hard to get the same result I will, but its hard to wonder if he may be doing something right...


it all depends on your training man. Do you feel you're taking every step to achieve your goals?? give us more info and we'll let you know. I was friends with a guy in high school like that, athletic, ripped ect. ect. but I was stronger than him then and I'am miles ahead now.


He might be doing a few things right here and there, but I'll bet you 500 bucks that if you do a year of consistent, heavy squats, deadlifts, bences, rows, chins, and military press then your hard work will outshine his genetics.

Next time he gives you advice:

a) Point him to T-Nation to do some reading and

b) use it as fuel to fire up your next workout


Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard.


Right off the bat I'd say he sounds genetically gifted. something tells me he's pretty young too. Genetics + youth = a pretty nice package




Might be worth scratching a little deeper to see exactly what he is doing right? It could all be genetics, but in my experience there is often something valuable in someone like that's training.

If he is doing exactly what you say though, then it's unlikely he'll manage to improve past a certain limited amount.